Aug 16, 2019

Word Swarm

I have found rejection and criticism comes with a poetry book. Not everyone who writes one faces it, but my self-published, Indie publishing, attend a book fair as an author self has had more than her fair share of it. There are times I’ve felt I had the plague. People sidestep, don’t give eye contact, or drop the occasional inquiry about what kind of books I write only to respond when told it is poetry with their affirmation, I don’t like poetry.

I had one author tell me, “Oh, you write poetry, it doesn’t require research. It all just comes from your head.”

Well, my head is full of lots of things. Things based on fact, fantasy, emotion, dreams, harsh reality, and on and on. If I have written a poetry book of one hundred poems, I have written a book of one hundred stand alone literature pieces. (Excuse my boldness in calling my work literature.) Oh, and the research thing, I do research when it is necessary to my writing.

I think writing, as with any art form, takes boldness to put it on public display knowing it can bring criticism. I have my pity moments at times but refuse to give up my passion because someone wants to pour vinegar on effort or content. I can grow from critique. Criticism is a word swarm of gnats I don’t have to entertain or give validation.

by:Susie Clevenger

Poets United ~ Moonlight Musings: the Interactive Edition, #1