Apr 15, 2019

The Dust Parted

Solid floor held my legs until I was strong enough to walk gravel. Swaddled and delivered to my first home of three rooms with an alley view, I learned to toddle in tiny spaces, but I was always headed to the screen door. Outside were motion, rock dust, and conversation. Too social for silence I’d chatter in my unknown tongue to anyone who passed by close enough to hear. One day the dust parted (my biblical version), and mama took me by the hand to introduce my hard soles to the rock and roll of gravel walking.  I learned  quickly to decide if my destination was worth the possibility of a fall.

rocky ground
doesn’t hinder
born to walk on stones

©Susie Clevenger 2019



  1. Love this Susie and your memories. We do share some of the same ones in different ways. Wishing you a Happy Easter.

  2. For soles made to walk on stone, rocky ground is just another daring to be conquered. I really like the description of your interaction with your mother. You always write things through Susie-glasses, and we are so lucky to be invited to read them through our eyes. That dust was just waiting for the right steps...

  3. This is my new favourite from you, Susie!💞 I love the honesty and glimpse of your memories growing up.. your brave, kind and adventurous soul shines through here .. brighter than the sun! Lovely haibun!😍😍

  4. We had a gravel driveway - by the end of summer I was running barefoot down it. The crunch of gravel beneath a car's wheels always reminds me of home... That slow turn into the gravel driveway when we came home from a long trip or errands... it's just in my soul. I love reflective poems like this.

  5. Thank you for sharing, Susie. We had a dirt and mud road driveway until WWII time. That was easier to ride the bike (my sister and I shared one) as gravel very deep is trouble. I had a drunk driver run into me coming home for high school driving Dad's truck. The gravel was all graded into a winrow affair and I couldn't steer over it to take the ditch.

  6. I feel so much of growing up here... sooner or later we all have to learn to walk on rocks... that is life.

  7. Our feet were so tough as kids. Not anymore. It's a great line, born to walk on stones.