Feb 5, 2019

Needle with a Little Sugar

Don’t drink and spell? Oh, I love to pour a smoky Cabernet in my words. You know those sly slips of the tongue that stick a needle in with a little sugar, but burn when the point reaches pain. Does that sound evil? Not really. I don’t turn the other cheek if I expect a scar. Let’s just say I level the playing field when a lover fails to follow the rules. Restraint is like a rubber band. When it is stretched too far, it snaps. Of course they’re always forewarned, I’ve never been declawed.

wine and stones
will find your bones
if you speak a lie to hurt me

©Susie Clevenger 2019

No, this isn't about me. :) I decided to work on short stories. This blog is a potpourri of writing, and my muse is all over the place lately. (It couldn't be my ADD.) 

Feb 4, 2019

The Voice in Silence

PHOTO PROMPT © Renee Heath

I was hoping it would be a rebirth of sorts, a spiritual retreat, when I agreed to fly to Arizona with Sally and Bill because I felt empty. Sitting in this lawn chair listening to them discuss every reason they planned the trip feels like dropping litter in a prayer. Right in front of us is a tee-pee with a sunset backdrop. I rise to walk away from them and before I can take a step Sally stands up beside me with tears in her eyes and speaks,

“Our noise prevents us from hearing silence. The mountain begs for peace.”

©Susie Clevenger 2019