Dec 30, 2017

Silver Spin Revelation


A statue of wheels stripped from a herculean effort to be mobile rises in front of me in a twisted testament to tenacity and courage. I circle the art piece wondering who surrendered their metal to the eye pool, and think of all the times I let fear paralyze me. Mocked by wheels humming with memories of pushing through, going the distance, I feel ashamed I have a longer list of excuses than successes. Pain is an adversary to which I've always surrendered.  Prompted by this silver spin revelation I speak to whatever god is listening and ask for forgiveness.

I hamster wheel
into the new year
free of resolutions.

To be what each day requires
without a list is wisdom attained
from thumbtacked ink lines
faded into failure.

Friday Fictioneers is a 100 word photo prompt story challenge by Rochelle Wisoff- Fields. Find more stories written for the challenge here.

I added the seven line poem for Real Toads ~ The Tuesday Platform