Oct 8, 2017

My Anatomy My Right

Why do men get to make decisions on women's health? Employers can use the excuse of a moral or faith based belief to deny coverage of birth control. So our president is the mouth piece for moral and right to life Rep. Tim Murphy for faith based reasoning, or oh wait, Hobby Lobby's David Green who collected stolen religious artifacts? Birth control not only prevents pregnancy, but the hormone pill is used to treat a host of women's health issues https://youngwomenshealth.org/…/medical-uses-of-the-birth-…/.

Where are the proponents of denying medicine when it comes to a man's erection? Is that a medical necessity? Pregnancy isn't caused by Immaculate Conception. Women have become the scapegoats for so many things beginning with a rib and a garden. If I sound pissed, I am. I have two daughters, and a host of nieces whose lives will be impacted by the decision of men on their health.

Yes, I am a feminist. Do I hate men? No... This is about the right to health. The right to not suffer physical, emotional, financial pain because religion and employers wish to use their definition of moral to legislate health decisions only a patient and doctor should have the right to decide.