Nov 11, 2016

Time To Reboot

We need to calm down. We are just as responsible for our words as Donald Trump is for his. I understand the fear and the outrage. He never was or will be my choice to lead the United States, but the louder we scream, the less we will be heard. Also we bought tickets to the media circus and shared their handbills in social media confetti as if there wasn't a lie in any of it.

We can channel some of our outrage into activism. Go out and put our boots on the ground to help those who need us. Instead of just complaining on Facebook and Twitter, write, call, email your senators, representatives, and president elect. Voice your concerns. Call them so often they recognize your number. Voice your concerns to your local and state governments as well. Don't assume just because you voted someone into office he/she will have your best interests when they huddle to write laws.

Complacency got us here. Election after election from local to federal we have stayed home. It has been like, "Give me your worst and I'll hashtag bitch about it, but I won't get off my iPhone to vote."

Yes, we can rally in the streets, but where will we go from there when our feet are sore. It is time to organize, create plans and invite those we don't agree with to come meet on common ground. If for some reason you haven't realized it, politicians want us divided. They fear unity outside their own interests.

The two party system has failed us. It is time for a reboot. The energy to shout only lasts so long. Persistence and dedication to change what hasn't worked takes time. Trump touted he wasn't a Washington insider. Really? His choices appear to crown him the prince of oligarchy. I pray I am wrong. Our government put themselves up for bid and the deepest pockets bought the stock.

We are a nation of different races, religions, sexual orientation. Our survival depends on learning to coexist. Wake up America! We have been sending our servicemen and women to defend freedom, while here we have placed the dynamite to cause our own to implode.


  1. You are right Susie! The system brings upon itself and has unwittingly been caught in its own grip. Perhaps there has to be a rethink, a reevaluation now that Americans can relate to the flaws uncovered!


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