Oct 5, 2015

Book Review ~ Birthing Inadequacy

Birthing InadequacyBirthing Inadequacy by Natasha Head
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No Inadequacy in Her Poetry

Natasha Head is a talented poet who speaks truth in all its colors with boldness. In “Birthing Inadequacy” she speaks her truth, the truth in observation, the truth that life can hit like hell. Natasha’s brilliant portrayal of the correlation between actual pregnancy and life experience is powerful reality. I know from having delivered two children and being in life’s womb the pains of inadequacy leaves scars.
I have so many favorites, but I will share the ending of Natasha’s poem “Wolf Born.” It is the growl of remaining true to self, of strength, of a steel will to defy conformity.

“I will not be broken nor be made to abide in a society of
dancing in the face of my blood lust
thinking their safe pasture
will tame me”

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