Aug 24, 2015

Mazie Baby ~ Book Review

You never know what someone is enduring next door to you and in Julie Frayn's, Mazie Baby, she makes that evident. Mazie endured physical and emotional abuse from her husband for years until she reached a trigger point that made her come to a life changing decision. I am not a fan of spoilers so I won't elaborate. I will elaborate on Julie's authentic voice on abuse. Her wording, phrasing tells a story as if she has lived it. The agony of Mazie's mind and body jumps from the page to hit you with outrage. Julie doesn't ask you to agree. She doesn't ask you to speculate. Her words ask you to look at the reality of domestic abuse. Mazie Baby is a powerful read. It is fiction with electric truth pulsing through it. It is a tough read I highly recommend.  

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  1. Its a great review, and certainly one that makes for a good read. Thanks for sharing.