Mar 30, 2015

Upon the Blue Couch (Book Review)


Laurie's book is written with transparency. She lets you sit with her on her blue couch and read her highs and lows, and see a bit of yourself in her words. Her poem "Fatalities" hit me hard. Two words cancer and alcoholism so painful that spelling them is easier than saying them, but Laurie pours them into verse and lets you feel their (her) agony. This book is brilliantly written and a definite must for your library.

You can find Laurie at ~ Laurie Kolp Poetry

Three Note Howl: The Wild Hunt (Book Review)


First of all, I love the title of this book. Secondly, I knew I would love this book even before I read it. I am a fan of each of the poets, and when you put them together, you end up with an amazing collection. Shay, is an incredible storyteller. She can move from humor to sensuality with such ease you are not sure whether to laugh or fan the blush on your cheeks. It is hard for me to choose favorites from her work, but three that stand out for me are Sugar, Harpies, and Ruination. "Tell me your name--like something sweet on a spoon, still on your lips, offered, irresistible." ~ Sugar

Kelli has such mastery of being able to say so much with such few words, none of them wasted. The poem, Her Dying: A Review, is so painfully honest. "In her dying there is no poetry. No pretty words to honey the hemlock." Another favorite for me is, Shut up (I'm Writing A Sonnet.)

Joy has a mystical quality to her work. Whether she speaks of flesh and bone or a season you are left with the feeling you have knelt at the feet of a seer. I love the ending to her poem, Brujeria, "Our glances cross in the night world-Ay si, mi amor, it's good to be a witch." Yes, Joy leaves you feeling she has you under her spell.

You can find Shay at ~ Shay's Word Garden

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You can Find Joy at ~ Verse Escape