Jul 1, 2014

The Power Of Poetry

This is a little lengthy, but I am humbled to share how my poem, Gnawing Silence, has become part of a petition for the firefighters of San Jose, station #5 in San Jose California. Firefighters at this station have been put at a health risk for cancer because of the toxic environment of their station and efforts to get them reassigned to a safer building have failed. Kim Chaffee contacted me because she saw the poem on my About Me page. It originally was written about a relationship between two people, but she felt it spoke for the firemen and asked me if I would consider doing some minor rewriting so she could make it part of her petition. I was happy to be a small part in her fight to bring justice to men/women who put their lives on the line for their community and did the rewrite. I have included the link to her petition which contains more information as well as my poem. As a poet it is my hope that what I write will reach those who need it. (In an aside I was contacted the same day by a musician who told me Gnawing Silence spoke to him about he and his wife who unfortunately had recently divorced.)

Here is the link to Kim's petition. Cancer Fire Station 5

Here is the link to my About Me page where the original poem is posted.
Susie Clevenger About Me