Feb 7, 2014

Political Cholera

I thought only little girls loved to play dress up, but deceit has a fondness for wearing sheep's clothing to hide wolfish lies. There is an epidemic of red, white
and blue chills that wasn't caught by waving flags. Politicians poisoned the water with campaign promises causing an outbreak of "pandering to special interest" cholera.

This is for the G-Man. Friday Flash 55


  1. Hey Susie...
    Just LOVED the scathing political commentary
    A great change of pace from the Wintery Woes we are having
    Thank you so much for visiting and playing again, your cool creativity
    is always welcome...Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Politicians… oh, yes, the play dress up! Perfect 55!

  3. Sadly, all too true. They'll promise anything to get to Washington and become millionaires, betraying the people who elected them without a thought.

  4. You are so right! It's so difficult to liveable all these awfulness...
    Only, it's not the characteristic of a wolf...wolves are very social animals...These are abnormalities of a group of human beings...