Jan 22, 2014

I Weary The Alphabet

I wonder why some writers can walk through the alphabet collecting everything they need while I weary it with my inadequate pen. Feeling incompetent is humbling. I am surrounded by words yet I can't produce a sentence.

Every writer has dry spells, but lately I seem to be choking on dust. Yes, I have written some poetry, but not on the level I would like. I feel like a wallflower
watching art refusing to ask me to dance. Why is it insomnia loves to throw pity parties?

Jan 20, 2014

Puzzle Fascination

I don't know why I have become obsessed with doing jig saw puzzles on my Kindle. Maybe it is something about solving them that attracts. It isn't like life that rips you into pieces and then tries to refit you into another reality.

 I try to go with the flow when it comes to change, but that isn't always easy. When it is change I don't want, I dig my feet in and try to rewind myself back to yesterday. Foolish I know, but I think most people wish they could do that very thing.

The last couple of years have been some rough ones for me with illness and a broken foot. This is going to be a better year. I am standing on that rock of positivity...That is a word isn't it? Well, if not I am still going to stand on it. Plus no one likes to be around whining and I am way to social to trudge through the year alone.

Jan 16, 2014

The Lady Suits ~ Practical Magic

The Lady Suits ~ Three humorous ladies telling it like it is.
"Almost middle-aged", single, cat loving, opinionated, riotous laughing, boot wearing, lipstick donning women.

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Jan 7, 2014

A Little Family Time

Susie Clevenger's Slidely by Slidely Slideshow

We are a family of love and laughter. So many times we have been
hit hard by life, but we come through adversity stronger.