Dec 3, 2013

Shouldn't Have Happened

Today for some reason my mind went back to my first job which was babysitting. I was fourteen years old and had been hired to take care of two young boys. The mom was a beautician and the father worked at a family owned business that was located next door to their home.

I lived in a really small community where gossip could travel at the speed of light so I heard the rumors of why the previous baby sitter was relieved of her duties. In retrospect I can clearly see the perfect storm that was created to lead the girl down a path she never should have been shown in the first place.

I looked nothing like the other girl which isn't such an issue in itself, but I believe I was chosen because put it bluntly I was fat. Let me give some clarity to that statement. When I arrived my first day the mother shared the usual things about what the boys could and couldn't eat, playtime, nap time, etc. Then she told me I was to go upstairs and wake her husband up when it was time for him to get ready for work.

What!?!  Yes, she told me I was to climb the stairs to their bedroom and wake her husband up. I immediately balked at that command, but she said she needed to leave for work and I was to wake him up.

You have probably come to the conclusion that the other girl didn't have my chubby physique and you are correct, and caught the direction of the rumors. If anything did happen, it was flat out abuse. No child should be put in that situation regardless of whether she looked older than her actual age. Nor should she be named a whore because an adult man took advantage of her.

When it came time for me to make that climb upstairs I took my young charges with me and told them they would get to wake daddy up. I opened the door and let them jump right in the middle of their father. Thus by his complaints I knew my alarm clock had worked.

My parents didn't know what my duties were because as most teenagers do I didn't communicate it. When asked I just gave a shrug and mumbled, "I took care of the kids."

I can't remember for sure how long I lasted on the job. It was no more than a couple of weeks. Having to play alarm clock unnerved me so much I wasn't much fun for the little boys. When the mother told me she needed to let me go I couldn't have been happier.

Hindsight is so smug. It is easy to look back when you have stepped years from the event and see everything that you should or shouldn't have done. I know that was probably one of the only times I appreciated my chubby physique.