Oct 19, 2013

IndieVengence Day 2013 ~ My Once In A Lifetime

So many times I've read "A once in a lifetime experience" and wondered what that really meant. On October 11th-12th, 2013 it became real for me. Seventeen independent authors from Australia, Canada and the United States gathered in Dallas, Texas for IndieVengence Day to meet and sign books at Half Price Books flagship store, but it became much more than that.

Few of us in the group had actually met face to face. Our friendship started from web connections, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Words, voices and images planted seeds that only needed the touch of together to deepen roots into family.

Because of an accident which resulted in a broken foot I had to attend via wheelchair. The group were gracious and caring. They made every effort to make me feel as welcome as those who were able to navigate on two feet.

I was only able to be with the group for a couple of days. To be honest there is a little hole in my heart that wishes it could have been filled with more time with them. My Indie friends, (how I love to say that), you were/are a bright spot in my life. So grateful I got to spend time with you!

Susie Clevenger's Slidely by Slidely - Slideshow maker

The following are links to this amazing group of authors:

Ben Ditmars ~ Ohio

Ciara Ballintyne ~ Australia

Julie Frayn ~ Canada

Amber Jerome-Norrgard ~ Texas

Justin Bog ~ Washington

Scott Morgan ~ Texas

Tracy James Jones ~ Texas

Sreya Bremtin ~ Texas

Melissa Craig ~ Australia

Lynn Hallbrooks ~ Texas

Dionne Lister ~ Australia

James Peercy ~ Texas

Charity Parkerson ~ Tennessee

Michael Rogers ~ Texas

Melissa Zaroski ~ Illinois

M. E. Franco ~ California

I would also like to include an author I met at Half Price Books, Jacqueline E. Smith. Although she wasn't officially part of the event, I was so blessed to meet her because of it.

Jacqueline E. Smith ~ Texas


  1. Thank you, Susie. I totally feel the same about connecting and spending time with you and everyone. It really was one of the best times of my life. :o)

  2. Thank you so much for everything, Susie! So thrilled for the experience and to be included in this wonderful group!

  3. So many authors. Sorry to hear of your broken foot something I can relate to but I doubt you dropped half a ton of steel on yours like I did. Hope you recover soon.

  4. So much fun. I can't wait to meet you again!

    Oh, yes, it's happening ;-)

  5. It was so great to meet you, Susie! I love that I now have family all over the place :). I hope we get to catch up soon.

  6. Thank you! It was great to meet you, as well :-D

  7. What a great tribute to a fabulous weekend, Susie! Loved sharing a table with you. Hope you're out of that wheelchair soon. ♥

  8. What an amazing event. To be able to meet and see everyone in one place must have been so awesome. I'm glad you got to go and hope you're foot is healing fast. Such a beautiful Tribute you have done here.

  9. I had the best time! I knew people online, but I just didn't expect everyone to be so much more awesome in person! Get well soon!