Oct 18, 2013

Friday Flash 55 for G-Man

He was backstroking through lies with such expertise you would think it was an Olympic event. Truth was never one of his finer points. He rarely made much of an attempt to hone the craft, mixing a little truth in with false was his cocktail of choice. I’m just glad I finally quit drinking it.


  1. Susie...?
    You mean someone was actually trying to feed you a line of Crap?
    You did well to send him packing!
    I loved your 55 this week, in fact whenever I see your Avatar I know that
    I'm in for a treat. Thank you so much for sharing your very creative talent with the Friday Funfest.
    You ROCK!!!!!
    Have a Kick Ass Week-End

  2. Love that first line! Loved the whole sassy 55 - next time, pour the drink over his head :)

  3. People like that are poison. Best to leave the drink on the table.

  4. Good for you! Clever description of the loser.

  5. Always good to make a good choice in 'beverage' imbibed!! Nice one, Susie.