Oct 25, 2013

Friday Flash 55 ~ Dried Lipstick and a Full Moon

Why the hell am I afraid? That shadow in the corner is just the baggage you left behind. Preaching goodbye dried my lipstick waiting for the door to slam, but I didn’t plan for gone. I’ll tell the neighbors I thought it romantic to plant that maple tree by the light of a full moon.

For G-Man


  1. Wonder if people do plant males by the light of a full moon?

  2. This is lovely and poignant. Love, "I didn't plan for gone." Actually, I love all of it. Good 55.

  3. Ha! Love the close, but the whole thing really works perfectly in language and image.

  4. You've shared an intriguing snippet of a story that makes me want to know more. Love the idea of planting a maple tree by moonlight.

  5. I get it... And remind me to stay on your good side Susie!!
    Loved your 'Rear Window' 55
    Thanks for this Seasonal Masterpiece, thanks for your much appreciated support , and please have a Kick Ass Week End

  6. The maple tree hides a multitude of sins! ;-)
    It will also yield lovely syrup for pancakes once grown.