Oct 25, 2013

Friday Flash 55 ~ Dried Lipstick and a Full Moon

Why the hell am I afraid? That shadow in the corner is just the baggage you left behind. Preaching goodbye dried my lipstick waiting for the door to slam, but I didn’t plan for gone. I’ll tell the neighbors I thought it romantic to plant that maple tree by the light of a full moon.

For G-Man

Oct 19, 2013

IndieVengence Day 2013 ~ My Once In A Lifetime

So many times I've read "A once in a lifetime experience" and wondered what that really meant. On October 11th-12th, 2013 it became real for me. Seventeen independent authors from Australia, Canada and the United States gathered in Dallas, Texas for IndieVengence Day to meet and sign books at Half Price Books flagship store, but it became much more than that.

Few of us in the group had actually met face to face. Our friendship started from web connections, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Words, voices and images planted seeds that only needed the touch of together to deepen roots into family.

Because of an accident which resulted in a broken foot I had to attend via wheelchair. The group were gracious and caring. They made every effort to make me feel as welcome as those who were able to navigate on two feet.

I was only able to be with the group for a couple of days. To be honest there is a little hole in my heart that wishes it could have been filled with more time with them. My Indie friends, (how I love to say that), you were/are a bright spot in my life. So grateful I got to spend time with you!

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The following are links to this amazing group of authors:

Ben Ditmars ~ Ohio

Ciara Ballintyne ~ Australia

Julie Frayn ~ Canada

Amber Jerome-Norrgard ~ Texas

Justin Bog ~ Washington

Scott Morgan ~ Texas

Tracy James Jones ~ Texas

Sreya Bremtin ~ Texas

Melissa Craig ~ Australia

Lynn Hallbrooks ~ Texas

Dionne Lister ~ Australia

James Peercy ~ Texas

Charity Parkerson ~ Tennessee

Michael Rogers ~ Texas

Melissa Zaroski ~ Illinois

M. E. Franco ~ California

I would also like to include an author I met at Half Price Books, Jacqueline E. Smith. Although she wasn't officially part of the event, I was so blessed to meet her because of it.

Jacqueline E. Smith ~ Texas

Oct 18, 2013

Friday Flash 55 for G-Man

He was backstroking through lies with such expertise you would think it was an Olympic event. Truth was never one of his finer points. He rarely made much of an attempt to hone the craft, mixing a little truth in with false was his cocktail of choice. I’m just glad I finally quit drinking it.

Oct 9, 2013

IndieVengence Day ~ October 12, 2013

I am excited and proud to announce a unique gathering of indie authors in Dallas Texas, Saturday October 12, 2013. Thanks to the hard work of author, Amber Jerome-Norrgard, indie authors from around the world will join for a once in a lifetime book signing event. 

I am so thankful to be participating in the event and look forward to meeting fellow authors who have decided to be in control of their own creative work by becoming independent author/publishers. 

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