May 2, 2013

Laryngitis ~ I Needed It

I have only been able to squeak out words the last few days because I have laryngitis. It's been tough because like everyone else I have a lot to say. You don't realize how much you will miss something until you no longer have it.

Struggling with losing my voice has had me realize I don't always put it to good use. There are times I complain about things that in the big scheme of life don't mean a thing. Over the last few weeks I have been grumbling about someone who isn't going to change. Every time I get drawn back in it turns into a mess causing me to amp up my "bitch" factor. Yes, I have one. Those closest to me know all about it. I have had some justification in my feelings, but my reaction is totally up to me. I guess my own vocal chords rebelled and shut me up.

I have a choice to spew my negativity or take a deep breath and write if off as a lesson learned. I can hear The Who's song, I Won't Be Fooled Again, playing in my head. So in this time of enforced silence I am going to let the person and the drama go. Blame is a two way street so I will shut up, stop pointing my finger, and let it go.