Apr 17, 2013

Reflecting on the Loss of My Mother-in-law

On April 5th, 2013 I lost my mother-in-law to a tragic accident. She was a sweet, loving woman who had a heart big enough to forgive whatever trespass was acted out against her. Trying to cope with her loss has me in a mixture of tears and anger. I know I will get through both, but it is such a painful mix right now.

When I started dating my husband, Charlie, she immediately took me into the family. I can honestly say we only had one argument in the 45 years I knew her. Of course we had different opinions, but we never let it divide us.

What was funny through all the years she was my mother-in-law I referred to her as Charlie's mom or Grandma. It was just an oddity on my part. For some reason I couldn't call her mom and calling her by her first name, Barbara, just didn't sit right on my tongue either. With the birth of our girls, Grandma, seemed to be the perfect name for her. She didn't mind and we often joked about it.

I really feel her loss. She was the last living parent for both Charlie and I. Somewhere on a cloud I know she is dancing with Charlie's dad and hugging my husband's twin she never got to know. She always believed those who have departed this life send signs to let their loved ones know they are alright. I will watch for a sign from her and wipe my tears with the joy she is now at peace.


  1. Beautiful words from a beautiful spirit.

  2. Knowing Barb as little as I did, I do know that your words are exactly what is going on in her new home! She was a beautiful soul and the lives she touched will forever have that little piece of her to carry around in their heart, that is the impact she made on so many. You were very lucky to have her as a mother in law as so many have real witches. You were blessed as was she. Love and hugs (((xx))

  3. Thank you Len. I know many women have terrible mother-in-laws. She and I had our differences and I would get frustrated by her, but we never left one another without a hug and saying I love you.

  4. ...a tragic accident. That is so hard to understand. I send you a warm hug. And you will receive that message someday - when you need it most.

  5. God Bless, Susie! Hope your sign brings a much needed hug to your heart and a smile to your face.

  6. A wonderful, heart felt, tribute to your Mother-In-Law, Susie. As others have said, you were so fortunate to have had a good relationship with her. When a tragic event happens so quickly it's difficult to believe our loved one is truly gone. My Mother used to use the expression "it's like the silence for a moment after a picture has fallen from the wall - then what?" I hope you do receive a sign you can recognize and feel at peace.

    1. Thank you Ellecee. I know it will take time. I am working to turn my anger into peace. It will come