Jan 28, 2013

So Many Journals ~ Not Enough Time

Goodness, it seems I have so much to say. I have journals everywhere. My mind goes non stop. I am trying to do so many things at once. If I could find that off switch I have been looking for, then I would flip it.

I need to learn how to meditate. When I try all I can think about is...Am I doing it right? Maybe writing is my meditation. That is the only time when I can tune out the outer world to listen to the inner world.

Sleep would be nice. I never get enough of it. That began when I was a child. My bedroom was the living room. I slept on a couch from the time I was five years old until I got married at nineteen. All those years I slept in what could only be identified as public space. No, I am not whining about how bad I had it as a kid. I am just stating where my insomnia began.

I suppose it doesn't help I am surrounded by ticking clocks. In this digital world I find I like the old fashioned movement of hands counting their way around numbers. But then I complain of the noise.

Well, I have rambled, chased rabbits, forgotten the point of this whole cursor chase across the page. Oh yes, it was I have so much to say. I didn't say it would make sense.

Jan 17, 2013

Where to Go?

My husband and I have been trying to decide where we want to go on a trip. The last two years have been so traumatic for us and we want to get away and enjoy new sights. It would be great to leave some of the drama behind that seems to be unending already this year.

We have talked about everything from Spain to Canada. There are endless possibilities, but so far that "certain" destination just hasn't presented itself yet. I know without a doubt my camera will go along. I am anxious to get some new shots. Also a change of scenery would be great to kick start some new poetry ideas.

With not as many years ahead of us as we have behind us we don't want to miss a moment of seeing as much as we can. They are just too precious! We know people our age that are sleeping their lives away. I don't understand it.

Hopefully we will decide on where we are going. Maybe it won't be one big trip, but several small ones. There is so much out there I haven't seen. Shoot,  there is so much right around me that is yet to be explored. Wherever it is I will most certainly share it with the world through my photographs!

Jan 12, 2013

Six Word Saturday ~ 1/12/13

Please, no more drama phone calls!!
This has been a week I don't wish to repeat. Life can be tough and there are times you just have  to own your mistakes, learn and move on. Assigning guilt to everyone for your errors will only keep you in the pit and keep those away who would actually lift your spirits and help you to get back on the path to getting better. Whew! That feels better! I needed to get that off my chest.

What is your Saturday in six words?

Jan 7, 2013

Dream ~ It Does a Body Good

For so long I wondered what my place in the world should be. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter. I dedicated my life to family; worked with youth; became lost to who I was. I never thought at sixty one years old I would be a dreamer, but I am.

I found my voice with a pen. Poetry had lain dormant since I was a teenager. Somehow I lost the passion that awoke at fifteen years old. All the imagination that was in me was channeled into encouraging others. I had no dreams for myself.

Somehow a car accident scrambled everything that was into all that can be. Poetry was reborn in me. The dreams I had dreamed for everyone else opened up into dreams that included me. 

I have been involved with The World Needs More Love Letters and last year, 2012, they asked us to write a letter to ourselves and mail it in to them. In January 2013 it would be mailed back. I received mine today. The very first thing I wished to accomplish was to publish a book of my poetry. I met that goal. In December I published, Dirt Road Dreams.

My advice is whatever you are passionate about do it.. Don't be caught on that endless wheel of what others want or expect. Change the world by being you and pursuing that which enhances your spirit. It will overflow to those around you. Paint the world with your art, whatever that might be!