Dec 3, 2013

Shouldn't Have Happened

Today for some reason my mind went back to my first job which was babysitting. I was fourteen years old and had been hired to take care of two young boys. The mom was a beautician and the father worked at a family owned business that was located next door to their home.

I lived in a really small community where gossip could travel at the speed of light so I heard the rumors of why the previous baby sitter was relieved of her duties. In retrospect I can clearly see the perfect storm that was created to lead the girl down a path she never should have been shown in the first place.

I looked nothing like the other girl which isn't such an issue in itself, but I believe I was chosen because put it bluntly I was fat. Let me give some clarity to that statement. When I arrived my first day the mother shared the usual things about what the boys could and couldn't eat, playtime, nap time, etc. Then she told me I was to go upstairs and wake her husband up when it was time for him to get ready for work.

What!?!  Yes, she told me I was to climb the stairs to their bedroom and wake her husband up. I immediately balked at that command, but she said she needed to leave for work and I was to wake him up.

You have probably come to the conclusion that the other girl didn't have my chubby physique and you are correct, and caught the direction of the rumors. If anything did happen, it was flat out abuse. No child should be put in that situation regardless of whether she looked older than her actual age. Nor should she be named a whore because an adult man took advantage of her.

When it came time for me to make that climb upstairs I took my young charges with me and told them they would get to wake daddy up. I opened the door and let them jump right in the middle of their father. Thus by his complaints I knew my alarm clock had worked.

My parents didn't know what my duties were because as most teenagers do I didn't communicate it. When asked I just gave a shrug and mumbled, "I took care of the kids."

I can't remember for sure how long I lasted on the job. It was no more than a couple of weeks. Having to play alarm clock unnerved me so much I wasn't much fun for the little boys. When the mother told me she needed to let me go I couldn't have been happier.

Hindsight is so smug. It is easy to look back when you have stepped years from the event and see everything that you should or shouldn't have done. I know that was probably one of the only times I appreciated my chubby physique.

Oct 25, 2013

Friday Flash 55 ~ Dried Lipstick and a Full Moon

Why the hell am I afraid? That shadow in the corner is just the baggage you left behind. Preaching goodbye dried my lipstick waiting for the door to slam, but I didn’t plan for gone. I’ll tell the neighbors I thought it romantic to plant that maple tree by the light of a full moon.

For G-Man

Oct 19, 2013

IndieVengence Day 2013 ~ My Once In A Lifetime

So many times I've read "A once in a lifetime experience" and wondered what that really meant. On October 11th-12th, 2013 it became real for me. Seventeen independent authors from Australia, Canada and the United States gathered in Dallas, Texas for IndieVengence Day to meet and sign books at Half Price Books flagship store, but it became much more than that.

Few of us in the group had actually met face to face. Our friendship started from web connections, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc. Words, voices and images planted seeds that only needed the touch of together to deepen roots into family.

Because of an accident which resulted in a broken foot I had to attend via wheelchair. The group were gracious and caring. They made every effort to make me feel as welcome as those who were able to navigate on two feet.

I was only able to be with the group for a couple of days. To be honest there is a little hole in my heart that wishes it could have been filled with more time with them. My Indie friends, (how I love to say that), you were/are a bright spot in my life. So grateful I got to spend time with you!

Susie Clevenger's Slidely by Slidely - Slideshow maker

The following are links to this amazing group of authors:

Ben Ditmars ~ Ohio

Ciara Ballintyne ~ Australia

Julie Frayn ~ Canada

Amber Jerome-Norrgard ~ Texas

Justin Bog ~ Washington

Scott Morgan ~ Texas

Tracy James Jones ~ Texas

Sreya Bremtin ~ Texas

Melissa Craig ~ Australia

Lynn Hallbrooks ~ Texas

Dionne Lister ~ Australia

James Peercy ~ Texas

Charity Parkerson ~ Tennessee

Michael Rogers ~ Texas

Melissa Zaroski ~ Illinois

M. E. Franco ~ California

I would also like to include an author I met at Half Price Books, Jacqueline E. Smith. Although she wasn't officially part of the event, I was so blessed to meet her because of it.

Jacqueline E. Smith ~ Texas

Oct 18, 2013

Friday Flash 55 for G-Man

He was backstroking through lies with such expertise you would think it was an Olympic event. Truth was never one of his finer points. He rarely made much of an attempt to hone the craft, mixing a little truth in with false was his cocktail of choice. I’m just glad I finally quit drinking it.

Oct 9, 2013

IndieVengence Day ~ October 12, 2013

I am excited and proud to announce a unique gathering of indie authors in Dallas Texas, Saturday October 12, 2013. Thanks to the hard work of author, Amber Jerome-Norrgard, indie authors from around the world will join for a once in a lifetime book signing event. 

I am so thankful to be participating in the event and look forward to meeting fellow authors who have decided to be in control of their own creative work by becoming independent author/publishers. 

Featured Authors

Sep 26, 2013

Autumn and Ghosts

Autumn boils across the horizon in a stew of brown leaves. I turn my coat collar up trying to keep the damp chill from finding its way to my skin. There seems to be as much regret in the air as what stirs inside me. This time of the year always awakens my sleeping ghosts.

Sep 24, 2013

IndieVengence Day Book Signing

More than a dozen bestselling indie authors from around the globe will gather in Dallas, Texas, on Saturday, October 12, for a once-in-a-lifetime signing and meet-the-author event.

Come join authors from the U.S, Canada and Australia and meet the the most notable and recognized writers in the indie author movement.

Slated authors include:

Ben Ditmars (Night Poems)
Charity Parkerson (The Sexy & The Undead (Sexy Witches) (Volume 1)
Justin Bog (Sandcastle and Other Stories)
Tracy James Jones ("Secrets & Lies")
Susie Clevenger (Dirt Road Dreams)
M.E. Franco (Where Will You Run? (Dion)
Scott Morgan (Character Development From the Inside Out)
Lynn Hallbrooks (Call Sign: Wrecking Crew (Storm Warning)
Amber Jerome~Norrgard (The Color of Dawn: Poetry by a member of Generation X)

Dionne Lister (Shadows of the Realm (The Circle of Talia)
Melissa Craig (Plentiful Package (Simply Breathtaking Series)

Julie Frayn (Suicide City, A Love Story)

Register NOW!

Sep 20, 2013

Standing Her Ground

Hate, she used a lot of four letter words, but she kept that particular one chained to his name. Loyd brought out her worst when he fired bigotry from his double barreled tongue. This time she would slap the last word out of his mouth and stand her ground instead of turning the other cheek.

The rain seems to have brought out the mean in me. :)

Sep 13, 2013

Karma's Bitch

All dressed up in lies and glitter, Dani wipes the dance floor with broken hearts. She gave a brief thought to having pity upon those brazen enough to ask her to dance, but Karma had called her to be the bitch to bring men full circle to face their errors. It shouldn’t be such fun.

This is my first time writing Flash 55 for G-Man. It seems Karma has been drifting through my writing the past few days...hope it is an omen for good. :)

Aug 11, 2013

Dust Bowl Side Show: Embraceable You and My Response

Dust Bowl Side Show: Embraceable You: I live and unconventional life.  Unconventional in the sense that I reside in the Midwest and I'm not married, I don't have children...

The above blog was written by youngest daughter, Carrie. She writes of affection, physical affection of hugging, touching, and kissing. She lives in Oklahoma and our oldest daughter, Dawn, Charlie and I live in Texas. Because her birth family lives 8 hours from her she has found "family" in friends where she lives. Carrie speaks of her ability to have physical contact with them in a manner she has not been able to with her dad and I.

She speaks that part of it may have been a result from trying to deal with the loss of her grandparents. Grief often can cause you to withdraw from those who you need to draw closest to. Pain puts up a barrier that we can't seem to climb over or break through.

It began with the loss of my mother to Alzheimer's. Emotionally my mother had left me, the family, five years before her death. We were erased from her brain by disease, but her actual death was no less painful. She was the first parent/grandparent to die. My sister Debby called me to tell me our mother wouldn't survive her bout of pneumonia and we headed to Missouri. I got to be by her side when death called her home, but she was in a coma by the time I got to the hospital so I never got to hear her speak again. I remember standing by the bed just wailing mama, mama, mama. She died on November 7, 2007

Her death began the chain of loss that came too fast and too tragically. It is no wonder Carrie didn't know what to do to comfort us. Charlie and I found it hard to comfort one another. In 2011 my father was standing at the mirror shaving when he had a heart attack and died instantly. The call from my sister, Sharon, telling me he was gone rocked me to the core. I remember being in the car and wailing, my Pappy, my pappy. We were blessed to have him for so long. He was 91 when he died in January of that year. Again, Carrie, had to make a trip to see family under tragic conditions. The heartbreak didn't even have a chance to begin any sort of healing when my father-in-law suffered a heart attack that took his life on February 24th, my birthday. I am so thankful Charlie was able to be there when his father died but Carrie nor Dawn was able to attend his funeral.

This April 5, 2013, we lost Charlie's mother, the last surviving parent/grandparent to a tragic accident. She was frail and in poor health, but we were struck speechless by the suddenness and manner of her death. It left siblings wounded with their claws out so there was little comfort from that front and Carrie and Dawn could do little more than watch and shrink into their own grief.

Since Charlie and I moved back to Texas in 2003 there has been so much trauma with his heart surgery, Dawn's surgeries including losing a kidney to cancer, and my severe car accident that left me injured and altered. Carrie was not able to be here for much of it to offer comfort and support. She had to do it from Oklahoma which I am sure added to what she feels is a failure to hug and comfort. You can't hold a phone to wipe tears or put your arms around a text. She turned to those around her for comfort. When we were finally able to see her after these events, it must have been awkward for her. Possibly consciously or unconsciously she questioned whether to discuss the trauma or just stay in the moment when she was with us.

As a family we have remained close, as close as physical distance can maintain. The three of us here miss Carrie so much. We try not to dwell on it, but we have our moments when it breaks us down. She is beautiful, intelligent and successful. She has climbed over some tall hurdles in her  own life that have left splinters. They are painful and difficult to remove, but she is working on it as the rest of us work on our own. When we are together next time we just need to let the barriers down we have built to deal with our pain and wrap our arms around one another to feel flesh and bone respond to touch which after all is one of the most powerful ways to heal there is.

We love you Carrie Danyelle, never doubt it and always know it is there even when we can't hold you in our arms.

MOM and Dad

Like Carrie I posted this intimate conversation in hopes it may help others who face the same problem. May all of us open our arms to one another.

Jul 26, 2013

Friday Night Thoughts

I have started working on my second poetry book. It is a slow start because I am not sure where I am even going with it. There's no theme yet, just words. Hopefully before long my muse will give me directions.

I write poetry because there is a deep joy inside from the process. I spend a lot of time alone and poetry is my companion along with all my books. I can put whatever I am feeling into words to either lift my spirits or get the junk out to clear my head.

There are so many poems on my blog, Confessions of a Laundry Goddess. I could pull from them to create a collection. I suppose I should sort through them and take a lot of them down, but for some reason I am not at that point yet.It is a road map of my growth. Those first poems sound a little silly now. 

Hopefully in a few months I will be ready to publish my book. For anyone who has never done it, the poems are the easy part. It is all the other things that ruffle me. When I get it done, I'll be back to let you know.

Jul 18, 2013

Good News Today

Today was good news for my oldest daughter, Dawn. She took a pet scan today and the results were really good. I truly believe dealing with some issues over her ex husband really opened up the avenues of healing. She not only kicked him to the curb a couple of years a go, but tossed some reminders in the trash recently that was a real hallelujah moment not only for her, but for me as well. Since I am staying positive I won't write what I really think about him. Plus that would probably require a strong language warning to boot!

Here is a song she wrote recently. She says it is a work in progress. Keep going, keep dreaming, keep loving my beautiful child.

Jun 29, 2013

Failed Lesson of The Cardboard Box

I was sitting here trying to think of something to say when toys and my mother popped into my head. I am not sure why, but it did so I thought I would write about it.

I grew up in a small, four room house in the country. In that tiny house there were five of us, my mom, dad, two sisters and myself. As you can imagine there wasn't a lot of room for excess. Everything had its place and my mother had some tough rules about what would happen if you left toys laying on the floor. 

Mama would warn us that if we didn't pick up our toys we would lose them. By losing them she meant she would place them in a cardboard box that would then be lifted to the top of a cabinet where it would remain until....well until she decided she would grant us mercy and let us have them again.

Whenever she took that box down from the cabinet it was like Christmas morning. We would eagerly search its contents to find dolls, toy cars, and games that looked brand new. Part of the time we would discover treasure we didn't even remember owning. For a few short days we basked in our new found wealth until our unlearned lesson condemned our stuff once again to reside in that cardboard box.

I really don't know how long that back and forth went with our toys, but I do know I finally learned to not leave my things lying in harm's way. As I sit here looking at my desk I cringe at the thought that my hard learned lessons are slipping into chaos. There are piles of books, magazines, a camera, paperclips, etc. surrounding me like failure. 

Every time I walk into my office I say to myself I will straighten things up, but more often than not I recite the procrastinator's pledge, "I will do it later." I feel like that little girl promising to pick up her toys only to find mama coming toward me with that dreaded cardboard box.

Jun 21, 2013

Oatmeal and Memory

I want to write something profound, but I can’t find it on my keyboard. My fingers type, delete,
stumble and go silent. Random phrases storm in with promises they have companions that will multiply into insight, but they just mingle with my grocery list and leave me empty.

Part of my problem is I am in a rush to remember everything. I know it is impossible, but I have seen the horror of forgetting. My mother had Alzheimer’s. It is a robber that sneaks up on you to take your husband’s face and replace it with a stranger’s. Today never comes again because you fade into yesterday where you search everywhere for your babies who are grown women.

I don’t live in fear I will succumb to the disease, but I have my moments. If I find myself trying to put my oatmeal in the cabinet to cook it instead of the microwave, there are a few seconds of panic before I shake it off with the realization I was maneuvering the mine field of my two cats with my eyes on the floor.

Fear crops up when I look at photos of my mother to find I have the same exact expression, that pissed off, arms crossed, get the camera out of my face look a few album pages later. Well, of course I do. I spent so many years seeing my mother with it that it crept into mine without any effort. My mother was always difficult to deal with. Our family couldn’t pinpoint an attitude change that might have signaled a problem. She would argue with a stone just because it managed to be under her foot.  So I can’t assume that the occasional flight on my broom when crossed doesn’t mean in later years I am destined to mix cracker crumbs in my socks because of disease.

Afraid to forget, I won’t have that tattooed on my psyche to the point I don’t embrace each moment that I am granted.  When the sun breaks over the horizon onto a sink full of dirty dishes, laundry in the hamper, and bills I need to pay, I will say thank you, mix my attitude with some music and dance my way into the new day.

©Susie Clevenger 2013

Jun 13, 2013

Mike Zito ~ Gone To Texas

I have been a fan of Mike Zito for a long time. If anyone thinks he has peaked with his music, then you don’t know the man or his music. With Mike’s latest album Gone to Texas he has hit another home run. On this album he gathered stellar musicians Rob Lee, Jimmy Carpenter, Scott Sutherland, and Lewis Stephens to create blues at its best. Add the fabulous talent of guest contributors, Susan Cowsill, Delbert Mclinton, Sonny Landreth and Freddie King and this album soars even higher.

I am no musician, just a fan, but I know what I like and what will be priority plays on my ipod. I just got Gone to Texas yesterday, June 12th, and I can’t get enough of it. I find myself tapping my toes and nodding in agreement as Mike takes me on his musical Texas journey. His gravely vocals give you no doubt he knows what he is singing about. I give this album five stars! Now what are you waiting for? Go and get it!!

Mike Zito

Jun 11, 2013

A Beautiful Vacation

Recently my husband, Charlie, and I went on a vacation that took us from Puerto Rico to five islands in the Eastern Caribbean. It was so beautiful in all the islands with the blue water and all the sights we took in. It was something we needed.

We left from Puerto Rico on a Carnival Cruise Line ship, the Valor. On every other cruise we have ever been on we saw all the shows at night, mingled with all the other guests and rose before the sun was up to watch us arrive at port from the main decks. This year was the first year we had a room with a balcony. We thought it was actually something would didn't have any need for since we spent little time in our room. We discovered on this cruise it was a welcome and much needed sanctuary.

Unlike previous years we didn't spend a lot of time roaming the ship at night. We retired early to our room to sit on the deck to watch the stars and moon, listen to the water, and talk. Life had hit us hard the past several years with the loss of our parents, illness, and family discord. We desperately needed the time to unwind from all of it.

I think this was one of the first times I have ever traveled that I wasn't anxious to get back home. I wasn't ready to give up that balcony or the beauty of the Caribbean. With all the excitement of sightseeing there was still an incredible sense of peace. Even now I wish I could return, but life doesn't work that way. You have to unpack your suitcases to settle back into routine. It just seems much harder this time.

May 2, 2013

Laryngitis ~ I Needed It

I have only been able to squeak out words the last few days because I have laryngitis. It's been tough because like everyone else I have a lot to say. You don't realize how much you will miss something until you no longer have it.

Struggling with losing my voice has had me realize I don't always put it to good use. There are times I complain about things that in the big scheme of life don't mean a thing. Over the last few weeks I have been grumbling about someone who isn't going to change. Every time I get drawn back in it turns into a mess causing me to amp up my "bitch" factor. Yes, I have one. Those closest to me know all about it. I have had some justification in my feelings, but my reaction is totally up to me. I guess my own vocal chords rebelled and shut me up.

I have a choice to spew my negativity or take a deep breath and write if off as a lesson learned. I can hear The Who's song, I Won't Be Fooled Again, playing in my head. So in this time of enforced silence I am going to let the person and the drama go. Blame is a two way street so I will shut up, stop pointing my finger, and let it go.

Apr 27, 2013

Six Word Saturday ~ April 27, 2013

Proud To Be Part Of This!

Welcome to this special edition of the Creative Nexus Café, which is a selection of memorable moments from the popular BlogTalkRadio internet radio show, a program promoting the arts, poetry, prose, interpretive readings, and philosophical thought to inspire the creative mind.

Featured in this special edition are:

Natasha Lynn Head, producer, host, and Dj
Roger Allen Baut, producer, host, and Dj

Susie Clevenger, author, poet, photographer, and coordinator of the Nexus Café
Joanne Young Elliott, program and talent coordinator of the Nexus Café
Matthew Charles Hatt, artist, experimental music, and audio specialist of the Nexus Café
Beth Winter, poet, photographer, and coordinator of the NWCU

Agnew T. Pickens, poet
East Elysium, musicians
Heather Grace Stewart, poet, and her daughter Kayla
Johnny Clyde, composer
Kim G, host of AWOP (a world of progress) radio
Knightspring, Creator of mashups
Poppy Silver and O.R.M.E., musicians
The KLF, musicians
The Juggernauts, musicians

The Creative Nexus Café™ - SE (Special Edition) by Chasing Tao is licensed under a  Creative Commons Licence.

Apr 17, 2013

Reflecting on the Loss of My Mother-in-law

On April 5th, 2013 I lost my mother-in-law to a tragic accident. She was a sweet, loving woman who had a heart big enough to forgive whatever trespass was acted out against her. Trying to cope with her loss has me in a mixture of tears and anger. I know I will get through both, but it is such a painful mix right now.

When I started dating my husband, Charlie, she immediately took me into the family. I can honestly say we only had one argument in the 45 years I knew her. Of course we had different opinions, but we never let it divide us.

What was funny through all the years she was my mother-in-law I referred to her as Charlie's mom or Grandma. It was just an oddity on my part. For some reason I couldn't call her mom and calling her by her first name, Barbara, just didn't sit right on my tongue either. With the birth of our girls, Grandma, seemed to be the perfect name for her. She didn't mind and we often joked about it.

I really feel her loss. She was the last living parent for both Charlie and I. Somewhere on a cloud I know she is dancing with Charlie's dad and hugging my husband's twin she never got to know. She always believed those who have departed this life send signs to let their loved ones know they are alright. I will watch for a sign from her and wipe my tears with the joy she is now at peace.

Feb 11, 2013

Speaking Today at The Texas Gulf Coast Writers

Susie Clevenger will be speaking at the next TGCW meeting. We will meet at 6:30 pm in the club room of the West End Lodge Apartments at 4215 North Major Drive in Beaumont, Texas.

Susie Clevenger is an author who refers to the whole world as her muse and translates her observations of life into verse.  As a young girl she spent many evenings dreaming of what lay beyond dirt roads, wanting the freedom to express what was inside of her. Susie recently published her first poetry collection, Dirt Road Dreams, which brought that yearning for personal expression to print.

Susie is a coordinator for the New World Creative Union, and a member of the online writing community, Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. Her work has been featured online in The Creative Nexus, Poetry & Prose Magazine, and The Brinks Gallery.

She is also a photographer who enjoys further artistic expression through her camera lens.

You can find links to Susie’s written work and photography as well as links to connect with her on social media at her author’s

Feb 4, 2013

Arrows Really?

February is marred by the presumption the stars have aligned to send an arrow toting cherub with perfect archery. Does anyone really wish to be struck by an arrow's tip shot from the hands of a winged child in a diaper?

 There is so much retail pandering to the billfolds of consumers. They have created enough guilt to have people rushing to buy candy and flowers to create the facade of love to assuage the demanding or the whining lips that have caught the Valentine bug. 

There is more to love than a once a year frenzied expression. I have been married for forty two years and love is shown to me each day of the year. Last year I was so ill from the side effects of the prescription drug Cozaar that the only thing I could do was feed myself. My husband's hands of love bathed me, dressed me, helped me take each painful step, and encouraged me when all I wanted to do was give up and die. My heart swells at how much he sacrificed to help me through the darkness until I could return to health again.

I suggest if you wish to celebrate Valentine's day, you look into the eyes of the one you love and tell them how much they mean to you. Spend some time walking away from the hype to really express what is in your heart. February 14th should be one in many that the person/persons you love will see, hear, and feel the depth of how important they are to you. Life goes by too fast to take even one moment for granted.

Feb 3, 2013

January 2013 Poetry & Prose Magazine

I am honored to have three of my poems included in the January issue of 
Poetry & Prose Magazine.

Where My Ink Has Been

I had doubted my muse of late, but she has stepped up beautifully. I think I got in my own way by trying to force my pen to write. I created such dribble all I could do was mark through it and hope I didn't leave any of it around for someone to find.

Following my Muse's lead I wrote of topics I hadn't even considered a few weeks ago. It is odd to use abortion, travel, and spring in the same sentence, but that is where my pen took me. Those were the messages whispered in my head to create. I must clarify all though those three words are in the same sentence, they were all used in different poems.

I had one friend who asked me, "Where do you come up with this sh _ _?"
Well, I hope it isn't the term he used. I just tossed back at him, "It is called imagination." I am not sure he knows what that means if it doesn't have a rating on it as to content.

Writing can be running at full speed into an unexpected wall. Everyone who has picked up a pen knows what that feels like. I managed to get through this one. Hopefully I won't encounter it again for sometime to come. It is time to create; strike while the flint is hot so to speak.

Head on over to Confessions of a Laundry Goddess to read where my ink has been.

Jan 28, 2013

So Many Journals ~ Not Enough Time

Goodness, it seems I have so much to say. I have journals everywhere. My mind goes non stop. I am trying to do so many things at once. If I could find that off switch I have been looking for, then I would flip it.

I need to learn how to meditate. When I try all I can think about is...Am I doing it right? Maybe writing is my meditation. That is the only time when I can tune out the outer world to listen to the inner world.

Sleep would be nice. I never get enough of it. That began when I was a child. My bedroom was the living room. I slept on a couch from the time I was five years old until I got married at nineteen. All those years I slept in what could only be identified as public space. No, I am not whining about how bad I had it as a kid. I am just stating where my insomnia began.

I suppose it doesn't help I am surrounded by ticking clocks. In this digital world I find I like the old fashioned movement of hands counting their way around numbers. But then I complain of the noise.

Well, I have rambled, chased rabbits, forgotten the point of this whole cursor chase across the page. Oh yes, it was I have so much to say. I didn't say it would make sense.

Jan 17, 2013

Where to Go?

My husband and I have been trying to decide where we want to go on a trip. The last two years have been so traumatic for us and we want to get away and enjoy new sights. It would be great to leave some of the drama behind that seems to be unending already this year.

We have talked about everything from Spain to Canada. There are endless possibilities, but so far that "certain" destination just hasn't presented itself yet. I know without a doubt my camera will go along. I am anxious to get some new shots. Also a change of scenery would be great to kick start some new poetry ideas.

With not as many years ahead of us as we have behind us we don't want to miss a moment of seeing as much as we can. They are just too precious! We know people our age that are sleeping their lives away. I don't understand it.

Hopefully we will decide on where we are going. Maybe it won't be one big trip, but several small ones. There is so much out there I haven't seen. Shoot,  there is so much right around me that is yet to be explored. Wherever it is I will most certainly share it with the world through my photographs!

Jan 12, 2013

Six Word Saturday ~ 1/12/13

Please, no more drama phone calls!!
This has been a week I don't wish to repeat. Life can be tough and there are times you just have  to own your mistakes, learn and move on. Assigning guilt to everyone for your errors will only keep you in the pit and keep those away who would actually lift your spirits and help you to get back on the path to getting better. Whew! That feels better! I needed to get that off my chest.

What is your Saturday in six words?

Jan 7, 2013

Dream ~ It Does a Body Good

For so long I wondered what my place in the world should be. I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter. I dedicated my life to family; worked with youth; became lost to who I was. I never thought at sixty one years old I would be a dreamer, but I am.

I found my voice with a pen. Poetry had lain dormant since I was a teenager. Somehow I lost the passion that awoke at fifteen years old. All the imagination that was in me was channeled into encouraging others. I had no dreams for myself.

Somehow a car accident scrambled everything that was into all that can be. Poetry was reborn in me. The dreams I had dreamed for everyone else opened up into dreams that included me. 

I have been involved with The World Needs More Love Letters and last year, 2012, they asked us to write a letter to ourselves and mail it in to them. In January 2013 it would be mailed back. I received mine today. The very first thing I wished to accomplish was to publish a book of my poetry. I met that goal. In December I published, Dirt Road Dreams.

My advice is whatever you are passionate about do it.. Don't be caught on that endless wheel of what others want or expect. Change the world by being you and pursuing that which enhances your spirit. It will overflow to those around you. Paint the world with your art, whatever that might be!