Nov 25, 2012

Writing and Playing the Blues

Life can get so complicated and tiring at times. It is nice to sit back and let blues/jazz music take all your angst and sing it for you. Today I was listening to Nina Simone. She just keeps it real for me.

Nina aspired to be a concert pianist, but after she was denied a scholarship to Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia her music took a different turn. Fusing gospel, pop, and classical with her voice gave her a unique sound. 

If you have not heard of Nina Simone, I recommend you take some time listening to her. She is a treasure that will be a welcome addition to your music library.


  1. i've loved her music for years! perfect for listening to while i work.

  2. I've never heard her until now.. Thank you so much for the introduction.. I will surely enjoy it.. Blessings