Oct 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I can't help but think about and pray for those who are facing hurricane Sandy's wrath. Living where I do in Texas I am very familiar with hurricanes. I have sat through several of them and made those painful but necessary evacuations.

The timing is especially treacherous with the upcoming election next week. I hope no one will throw open a bible and begin to point fingers of blame with their wrath of God preaching. I am afraid that is a vain hope though. It saddens me to know there will be those out there who feel it is an opportune time to bring more people into the flock. These people need compassion and love without conditions. My prayer is that those who help will let their heart and their hands be their witness. I say this with love and understanding because I have experienced the best and worst of people in this very situation.

May lives be spared and the best of mankind be manifested in the difficult days following Sandy's departure. Let us all do our part in giving financially, physically and prayerfully to help our brothers and sisters to heal and rebuild.

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