Oct 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

I can't help but think about and pray for those who are facing hurricane Sandy's wrath. Living where I do in Texas I am very familiar with hurricanes. I have sat through several of them and made those painful but necessary evacuations.

The timing is especially treacherous with the upcoming election next week. I hope no one will throw open a bible and begin to point fingers of blame with their wrath of God preaching. I am afraid that is a vain hope though. It saddens me to know there will be those out there who feel it is an opportune time to bring more people into the flock. These people need compassion and love without conditions. My prayer is that those who help will let their heart and their hands be their witness. I say this with love and understanding because I have experienced the best and worst of people in this very situation.

May lives be spared and the best of mankind be manifested in the difficult days following Sandy's departure. Let us all do our part in giving financially, physically and prayerfully to help our brothers and sisters to heal and rebuild.

Oct 20, 2012

Six Word Saturday ~ October 20, 2012

My oldest daughter doesn't have cancer!!!

My daughter had liver and lymph node biopsies last week and they came back negative for cancer!! She lost her left kidney to cancer in 2008 and each time there is a biopsy we get a little nervous. But today I am just going to celebrate and enjoy the beautiful fall day!!

Here is a digital art piece I created to represent what my daughter has gone through.

See how others describe their day in six words

Oct 13, 2012

Six Word Saturday ~ 10/13/12

Love being part of a movement.

I am a coordinator for New World Creative Union and we launched our first radio program  on blogtalk radio this week. 

The following will explain who we are and I have also provided a link.

The New World Creative Union (NWCU) is a community of artists and artisans dedicated to sharing and promoting each other's work and ideals, in a peaceful, light filled and respectful environment.

When we speak of artists and artisans, it is not limited to just one of the arts. It encompasses all of the arts and artisans who are involved in the creative process, and includes the visual arts, literary arts, as well as the performing arts.


Oct 4, 2012

Tears and Drowned Kittens

I was a child tormented by secrets hidden inside and the outside flesh they were carried in. How does a little girl tell of a demon that tore childhood from her and hung it on the threat of drowned kittens? Frightened, traumatized and overweight I walked through my youngest years with nightmares clinging to my ribbon sash.

A shadow stalks innocence
biding time and fueling intent.

No one knows – no one hears.
Darkness waits to steal from the light.

I heard my father and grandfather in the other room. My predator had me cornered; hand over my mouth suffocating escape. The green walls and scent of plaster of the bedroom were burned into my memory.

Sweating omen crawls across lips,
“Don’t tell anyone. You know it is your fault.”

“Teacher, she is throwing up again.”  It happened more times than I can remember, stomach in turmoil feeding on secrets. The lunchroom at school became an extension of abuse. A teacher would stand over me demanding I eat three bites of everything. I tried, but my body resisted.

A rain barrel and tiny kittens sacrificed for a threat,
large hands emerge from water holding limp fur.

My youngest sister always stayed close to my mom whenever we visited family. I am so thankful she did. But on one occasion she was with me when my abuser threatened me by taking new born kittens and drowning them in a rain barrel while saying, “This is what will happen to you if you tell.” 

Memories took knives and death
and tried to apply them to wrists,

I didn’t tell anyone about my abuse until I was nineteen years old and I told my husband. Through his strength and love I was able to make my way out of the abyss of depression and guilt.

but a savior appeared through the vertigo
and pulled hands from spiraling depression.

I feel so impelled to share my story. Sexual abuse is epidemic and those who have survived it need to help victims who can’t seem to rise above the pain and stigma. There is life after abuse. A time will come when you no longer use the language of a victim, but speak in the voice of a survivor.

“It is not your fault,” became a song of freedom,
surviving dried victim’s tears.

©Susie Clevenger 2012

Oct 2, 2012

Yes, I Talk to a Wall

I remember when someone first invited me to join Facebook. I thought it rather dry and boring, but since my girls and other family members were on it I decided to join if for no other reason than to keep up with them. I couldn't know it would become such a big part of my life. Yes, I talk to a wall.

From that doubtful beginning I have met so many people that have become great friends. I know there are those who say you can't call people friends if your only contact is electronically, but I would argue that point. A friend is someone who is there for you in whatever life throws your way. I can post something on my wall about what is going on in my life and my "friends" are there to encourage, celebrate, and give advice when I need it.

No, I am not a recluse typing away in internet anonymity. I am active socially and with my family. Facebook is a means for me to communicate with the world on a digital wall. It is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. I am an insomniac who can find someone to talk to at 3:00 a. m. to make the night a little less lonely.