Aug 17, 2012


It is so sad to assume someone you love or care about will always be there, there to answer the phone, there to give a helping hand, there for a laugh, there when you need to cry, there to touch and hear and feel in the same space with you..

I know too well the pain of making those assumptions. Both of my parents are now gone as well as many other family members and friends. I let too many days slip through my fingers when I could have picked up my phone to reach out to them, stopped by to say hello, taken a trip to go see them.

It is that regret that is fueling my melancholy tonight. Life spins by so fast. There is so much I wish I would have said or done. I know I cannot wallow in regrets, but I think to heal and move on you must be honest with where you have been.

I pray each day that I will be able to use the phrase, I should have, less and less. In my poetry book, Dirt Road Dreams, I address some of my regrets. Poetry has become my therapy. It enables me to write out what troubles me, the things I just can't get my lips to speak. Perhaps my spirit will one day have less shadows.


  1. I feel where you're coming from.. The same goes for me.. You are doing a great job with handling it.. I know your book will be so good.. I'm the same way, it helps me to write about the good things and memories..It gives a calm and peace that we really can't find sometimes.. Congrats again and I can hardly wait..

    1. Thank you Susie. I so appreciate your kind words and input. You are so encouraging.