Jul 28, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Recovering from a drug induced illness.

I have been ill for almost a month now as a result of the blood pressure drug Cozaar. You will find the details in my blog post titled Sickness.
What can you say about your life in six words?

Jul 26, 2012


I have been ill for almost a month. It began July 3rd with simply feeling off and became a nightmare of a fever over 103, pneumonia, excruciating pain in all my joints, and a severe headache. My feet and ankles became swollen as well as my right knee and my hands. The pain in my hands was so bad I could barely feed myself and was unable to dress myself so my husband had to dress me. I couldn't stand on my own so my husband had to assist me in getting in and out of the bed, a chair, and even the bathroom. I experienced depression that was so deep and dark I wasn't sure I would survive my illness and I didn't care.

I believe all of this happened to me as a result of taking the blood pressure medicine Cozaar. I have done an extensive search on the medicine and every one of my symptoms are known side effects of the drug. I was prescribed the drug to protect my kidneys since I have Type II diabetes.

When I was so ill the doctors thought I possibly had a secondary infection to the pneumonia that attacked my joints. I began to question that and tried to think if I had been doing anything different. I finally remembered that the only change I had made was the addition of Cozaar to my medicines. I began an internet search that led me to the side effects and other patient complaints from using the drug. Since everyone of my symptoms were known side effects of Cozaar I stopped taking the drug about a week a go. That is when I started seeing improvements in my health.

I am beginning to heal and can walk part of the time without a cane. My hands have improved, but I am still suffering a lot of pain in them. I am really weak at this point, but I am determined to regain strength and have my life return to normal.

I would caution anyone that is on prescription medicine to do some homework about how you are feeling and research the medicines you have been prescribed. If I had not made the connection to Cozaar and how I was feeling I am not sure I would have survived it. Not only was I suffering from physical pain, but the mental was scary.

Through all of it my husband has been my caregiver. I feel so bad that he had to do it all himself without any help. He is truly my angel. I was also blessed to have online friends who joined with me, my friends and family to pray and send well wishes for my recovery.

Jul 1, 2012

One of Those Nights

It is one of those nights. I hate them, but it seems lately they are piling up. I feel my connections have been severed and I am too weak to know how to reconnect. I question who I am and my relevance. I am not sure if I should call it self pity or just call it lost.

I usually don't share in such a raw way. My personal emotions are channeled through my poetry and I don't openly say, "Hey, I am hurting like hell. Does anyone hear me?" I will do like I always do think of others who have it much worse and put on that stiff upper lip and rally. I will won't I?

I still have my diary from when I was a teenager...it was mostly, "I am too fat" and "I wish I had a boyfriend." I wish I could go back and tell that silly me that life would get so much harder so hold on tight to that roller coaster.

I better call it a night or I should say morning. I need to rest up for that pep talk I need to give myself tomorrow.