Jun 29, 2012

Your Design ~ Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

Recently on a trip to Oklahoma I was in the town of Broken Arrow. It has a revitalized downtown and I thought it the perfect place to take my camera to capture some shots on Main Street. As soon as I opened my car door I heard blues music playing in front of a shop. Since I am a huge blues fan that was an immediate draw, but was delighted to discover the store was not only a business but an art gallery.

Upon opening the door I was greeted by the shop owner, Alisa Inglett, who was gracious enough to talk to me about her business and her passion for art. Alisa does custom framing and faux finishes. She also has a selection of vintage furniture for sale. Looking around the shop I could see samples of her craft and she is a very talented artist. For her it doesn't stop there. She has provided space in her shop for other artists to display their work.

Throughout the store is the work of local artists who for some is their first public showing of their work. Each piece is for sale and Alisa charges a modest fifteen percent on the sale of their artwork. Her heart is all about encouraging artists and art forms in her community.

Alisa doesn't just provide a gallery but also does art shows. In one of her shows, Faces, living statues became part of her samples of faux finishes.

With a mixture of vintage furniture and current art you can get a  feel of how it would look in your home.

Alisa has an upcoming show on July 5, 2012 at her shop in Broken Arrow. It is titled Artists of the Future and will showcase young  artists under the age of 26 years old. 

I thoroughly enjoyed my time spent talking to Alisa. It is encouraging to see someone who wants art to remain live and well in their community. May each of use do our part to support art. Just look around and see what your life would be like if it disappeared.


  1. Oh, this looks like an awesome place to visit. Each time you find new treasures.

    I wish I didn't live thousands and thousands of miles from. Thanks for posting this so I could see it.

  2. You are welcome Linda. It was quite a treat for me. My youngest daughter lives in Broken Arrow so I will have opportunities to return to the shop.

  3. I love places like this. There is a store in Leavenworth called the Turquoise Fish (I think) I only popped my head in one day before an appointment but I am going back for she does much the same.
    I love the way Alisa has her store set up and I thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks Len. I was so glad I came across it. I discover such interesting places when I take my camera out.

  4. Your Design is still one of the most interesting places to visit in the Broken Arrow Rose District.