Jun 30, 2012

Six Word Saturday ~ 6/30/2012

We finally got some rain here!

"A poet is someone who stands outside in the rain hoping to be struck by lightening."
James Dickey

Whats's your life in six words?
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  1. "Some" would be an understatement over here, right now. What a beautiful looking blog, Susie. Nice to meet you.

  2. Please send rain...or someone who can do a raindance. :)

    1. I hope you get rain...we know what it is like here in Texas without it.

  3. Great!!!! We were having some problems last year but, it's been pouring buckets this year. : )

  4. Summer is always a trying time regarding enough water to take care of lawns....what a waste of such a precious resource....I love brown lawns - less mowing! Yet, rain is so life-giving.....

  5. Hasn't been inordinately wet here this year, but we had a gullywhomper last night. I hadda get up close windows. My Beloved Sandra slept through the whole thing!

  6. Hasn't stopped raining here since yesterday - I'd love to see the sun again.

    my 6 word Saturday

  7. I like your six words! I live in AZ we see very little rain here, but then we see it and it get's crazy.