Jun 10, 2012

A bit of This and That

There seems to be days that want to teach me, but I am too stubborn to sit in the classroom. I want to write my own ending to something before I have even walked through the lesson. I have spent the week cleaning out my closets and pantries. I thought I had learned the lesson of clutter before, but like a pop quiz I forgot the answers as soon as I wrote them. I opened all those doors and saw a mess of unneeded staring me in the face just like it had a few months before.

I took real steps this time to eliminate things. I held each thing in my hand and thought about the last time I even used it, wore it, thought about it. With a quick band-aid pull I either put it in the pile for Good-will or threw it in the trash. I now open all those doors of areas I have completed and breathe a sigh of relief. I have made huge strides in ridding myself of clutter.

I even tackled the metal mess of my file cabinet. Again I used the same strategy and thought about how long something had been there and if I had even looked at it in over a year. Really, do you need instruction booklets for things you no longer own or prescription receipts for three years a go? It is so organized and neat now it is a bit intimidating. It makes me question just how long messy me will keep it that way.

Any way I have two rooms to finish and then I will breathe a sigh of relief, well a temporary one. When it is cooler there will be the attic to tackle, but I am determined to say goodbye to whatever is up there. I have lived in my present home for nine years  now and I can't even remember what is stored up there. It is definitely a case of out of sight out of mind. If I have lived this long without it, I doubt my life will be in jeopardy if I toss it.

I have been a student of less junk in my life this week. I have rid myself of physical items so perhaps it will be the next lesson to tackle emotional junk. Something tells me that may take more work...sigh....always learning.

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