Jun 24, 2012

Bad Dream

I am a night owl. It wasn't always that way.  I used to get up early and start my day with a walk before the sun was up. When I began my writing journey the end of 2009 that changed. I found I am my most creative at night. It is my usual pattern to stay up until 3:00 a.m. writing.

Last night was an early night for me. I went to bed around 1:00 a.m. and was asleep shortly after getting in bed. I rarely dream. At least I don't remember dreaming, but last night or I should say early this morning was an exception. I don't remember the details of the first part of the dream, but the ending really scared me.

In my dream I was in my bedroom. For some reason there was a woman I didn't recognize spending the night. We heard the doorbell ring and it frightened both of us. She looked at the clock and told me it was 4:00 a.m. There was no reason for anyone to be at my door at that hour. She told me to stay put and she went to check to see who it was. That is when I woke up. The dream seemed so real. I sat up to look at the clock and it was 4:00 a.m.

I was breathing hard and I kept trying to calm myself down. It wasn't real. In my dream she had walked through the door leading to the bathroom not the door that would have taken her to the front of the house. Then there was the strangest thing. I could smell women's cologne in a fragrance I was unfamiliar with. That freaked me out even more, but I kept telling myself it was just a dream. I thought about getting up and going to the front door. My fear just had me stay put. I could have called my husband who was at work to calm me down, but again for whatever reason I didn't do it.

I wish I knew what it meant. I was plagued with nightmares as a child and anything that brings up those memories is so unsettling. I just hope when I seek my bed tonight there aren't any bad dreams hiding in the sheets. Darn! I don't need to speak that into the universe! Let me change that to...my dreams will be sweet!


  1. I had horrible dreams for lots of years and then all of a sudden I didn't now it is just here 7 there but the not sleeping is what gets me ugh. So I wanted to give you an award so stop by my blog and pick it up I think you deserve to be in the blog sisterhood come on by.....Thanks for your insight and humor in your post.

    1. Thanks Janice and thanks for the award!!