May 27, 2012

The Moon Keeps Me Company

It is Saturday night. Well, it is still night but the clock has rolled over into Sunday. I have been roaming between the television and my computer. Charlie is at work so it has been just me, my cats, and the moon. It seems I am always restless when the moon in shining. It isn't even a full moon yet and still it effects me.

I hear the occasional car door outside my window. It appears I am not the only person having a late night. It is comforting in an odd way. It makes me feel less alone, less of an insomniac to know others are roaming through the night. I wonder if they feel the same seeing my light shining through the shades in my library window.

It is unsettling at times the random thoughts that enter my mind. There are nights like this that I never know what will decide to keep my eyes open. Even a mockingbird outside my window is confused and is singing at the stars.

At least my friend the moon is there to keep me company. I can't wait until it is full. Maybe I shouldn't wish that. It is wishing my life away after all. But my love of the moon goes way back to my childhood when I would be sleepless and the moon would shine through the window to chase away shadows that would frighten me.

Well, I suppose I should try and call it a night. I am making even less sense than usual. Since there is no one here to say goodnight to so I shall look out my bedroom window and say goodnight to the moon. I wonder if it can hear me?