Apr 7, 2012

A Hospital Gown ~ the Attire of Hell

Emergency rooms, I hate them. Each time I step foot in one I swear I have stepped out of the land of normal into a white tiled hell. You are told to disrobe and don a backless gown, and then ushered into a curtained cubicle to wait your number in the cattle call.

Nurses run from patient to patient checking vitals and dodging questions of when the doctor will arrive to part the curtain. It disorganized bedlam. I know there are patients who take priority, but why order tests no one will read. The excuse "we are understaffed' is spoken more often than your name.

Don't get me started on what might be behind the curtain beside you. I know and believe people should be given the best treatment regardless of their social, economic, medical,..well all "al's" but when a cracked out woman with H.I.V. starts tossing things from her space into yours there tends to be some fear as to what her next move might be.

I hope to not go through those sliding emergency room doors again any time soon. My last visit is too vivid in my mind. It is sad that the most organized procedure I saw was the handing out of the name stickers for those who wish to visit a patient.

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  1. I sympathize with you on this one. For myself and my family we have had this experience to many times. The medical system seems to be in shambles in your country and mine. It is all very scary. I hope your issue was handled well in the end and that you are mended or mending.