Apr 28, 2012

Up a Creek and Yes There Was no Paddle

Kellie Elmore's prompt this week for Free Write Friday was "Up shit creek without a paddle." Oh I have been on that creek numerous times. Here is one of my journeys on that damn creek.

Kids are curious. It is a fact, a blessing, a curse. I remember so many times my curiosity got me into trouble. This episode was one I thought I would take to the grave, but somehow the beans got spilled by one of my comrades in mischief.

I lived in the country in a farming community surrounded by fields and tobacco barns. I had so much fun roaming the woods, but it was a real treat when I got to go into "town" to spend the day with a friend. On this particular day it was my friend Brenda, my youngest sister Debby and I that found ourselves in trouble.

Brenda lived in a small apartment behind a grocery store. I thought she lived in the most amazing place. There was only a brick wall between her and heaven. Well, it was heaven to me. The place where shelves held candy and freezers held ice cream.

I don't know how it happened but the three of us were alone in Brenda's apartment that day. As kids will do we found trouble without looking very far. We found it in the ceiling. Brenda told us there were all sorts of treasures in her attic, but she was never allowed to climb up and explore it. Ah the magic word, never. What child can resist the temptation of doing something that has attached to it the word never.

Brenda knew exactly where the ladder was located that would take us up to that place of wonders. The details are a little sketchy after all these years, but I think Brenda had made her way into the attic and I was to climb up next leaving Debby to follow me. I made me ascent fine, got my instructions to only step on the beams when disaster struck. I stepped onto a ceiling tile and tore a whole right through it. With that step I unleashed an avalanche of metal. I really don't know what the metal was, but it lay lay alligator teeth on the floor below me. With a whoosh of metal and soot I was left hanging for my life from the beam I managed to grab before I hit the floor.

With tears, pushing, and screaming I was able to extricate myself from the beam and make my way down the ladder. The three of us stood looking at one another with terror. We knew we were in big trouble and up that proverbial creek without a paddle.  The only plan we could make was to bolt for the door and run as far and as fast as we could. Luckily my mother's friend Viola lived a mile outside of town so we didn't have to run too far. As we walked that dusty road we made a vow we would never tell what happened. My mother was actually visiting Viola that day. It took all our acting skills to pretend nothing was wrong. .

As luck would have it we managed to dodge the bullet of exposure by Brenda's uncle taking the blame. He was an alcoholic and when her parents discovered the mess he was the perfect person to blame. He denied it of course, but our lips were sealed. The place was a mess with metal littering the kitchen floor and soot covering everything. The only blessing was the entire place got a much needed makeover.

Brenda was actually the one who revealed our secret. How and why are fuzzy details to me, but my mother found out about it. It was years after the fact and the three of us were grown women. My mother didn't say much. She just said we had been brats. Of course I must agree. It seems funny now, but for years it was the stuff of nightmares and one of many times I was up shit creek without a paddle.

Apr 21, 2012

Six Word Saturday

Goodbye to all my dust bunnies

That might seem a rather boring six words, but I am so grateful for the mundane at the moment. Life has been hitting hard lately and just to have the quiet of cleaning out dust bunnies is such a blessing.

What is your Saturday in six words?
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Apr 20, 2012

Tab Benoit

I saw Tab Benoit for the first time Thursday night. He was fantastic. There is such power in his vocals and in his guitar. In the pop world where there are so many who are auto tuned, it is so refreshing to hear an artist who sounds just like his record....or I should say even better. He played one song after the other. He gave his audience what they came for...non stop Tab Benoit. I don't know when I will have the next opportunity to see him live, but I hope it is soon. There is nothing like the blues and someone who can sing and play it with such talent and conviction.

Apr 13, 2012

Headed to Tulsa

I am headed to Tulsa this afternoon to hear my youngest, Carrie perform her first live show. Here is a sample of her music

Apr 7, 2012

A Hospital Gown ~ the Attire of Hell

Emergency rooms, I hate them. Each time I step foot in one I swear I have stepped out of the land of normal into a white tiled hell. You are told to disrobe and don a backless gown, and then ushered into a curtained cubicle to wait your number in the cattle call.

Nurses run from patient to patient checking vitals and dodging questions of when the doctor will arrive to part the curtain. It disorganized bedlam. I know there are patients who take priority, but why order tests no one will read. The excuse "we are understaffed' is spoken more often than your name.

Don't get me started on what might be behind the curtain beside you. I know and believe people should be given the best treatment regardless of their social, economic, medical,..well all "al's" but when a cracked out woman with H.I.V. starts tossing things from her space into yours there tends to be some fear as to what her next move might be.

I hope to not go through those sliding emergency room doors again any time soon. My last visit is too vivid in my mind. It is sad that the most organized procedure I saw was the handing out of the name stickers for those who wish to visit a patient.