Feb 19, 2012

Two kinds of People ~ Which Are You?

Ok it is Kellie Elmore’s Free Write Friday time again. This time her challenge is simple. Simple, perhaps that is an understatement. The challenge is to fill in the blanks: There are two kinds of people in the world   ____&____.  Tell how all people are either one or the other. ALL people, should I stick to male and female? No, I don’t think so. I like music so I will go with singers & non singers.

I love music and I love to sing. Am I good at it? No, but I sing.  I love singing along to my favorite music. I have tons of songs for which I know every lyric. I have discovered there is a division in the people around me. It is the vocal line between those who sing and those who don’t. There are people who sing with the radio and those who nary a note escapes their lips. I am not sure if it is fear someone will hear them or the notes simply don’t exist in their head.

I actually grew up in the musically divided household. My father sang all the time, but I never heard my mom even attempt a vocal note. Sadly I never asked her if she had ever sung. Her father played a fiddle so I know there was music around her and she loved listening to music. Maybe she didn’t like the sound of her voice. With my dad if he wasn’t singing he was whistling. I was told he sang in church with his mom when he was a young boy.

Sometimes I feel like being a music evangelist. I would set up my tent and open a song book and tell others to come be baptized in music notes. It doesn’t matter the sound of your voice, just sing. I can see how that might become problematic. Especially at my karaoke altar when it is time for some to step up to the microphone. I would just hand out anointed ear plugs with an admonition they are to be placed discreetly in the ears when in the presence of foul notes.

I guess life would be dull if everyone was alike. I know my life would be incomplete without singing. Maybe there are those who wish I would cease. I just won’t ask.

Here is someone I sing along with often. My friend, Mike Zito. I also took the video. That is a free unabashed  plug for myself. :)  Oh and his album, Greyhound, on which this song is included is up for a BMA (Blues Music Award) for rock/blues album of the year. So enjoy it and sing along!


  1. love that you did this on music :) my house was always musical. My uncle played the piano, my grandam was always singing to the radio that was always on in her kitchen and so I had big dreams of stardom and ached for the stage lol Then... i found out I really only sound good in the shower lol! Thanks for writing for me again!!! xoxoxox

  2. Thanks Kellie...so much of me goes back to music and dance

  3. Sing away Suzie, sing away! I havent found my vocal niche yet, although I do have a very good speaking voice.

    Chris McQueeney, Wander