Feb 10, 2012

Free Write Friday ~ Darling

Kellie Elmore has chosen another scenario for us on her Free Write Friday to get our imaginations going.
You wake to find yourself in a strange house and you cannot remember your own name. You roll over and see a letter by the bed. Is it for you? Who is it from? What does it say? Does it explain where you are and why?

White curtains….I don’t remember having white curtains. I have always hated them. I could never keep them clean and mom always fussed at me for not ironing them properly. Where am I? Someone please help me! There are too many shadows in this room. They frighten me. Perhaps if I turn on the lamp I will feel calmer. There is a note on the nightstand next to me. Should I read it?


You were tired so I thought it was best that you lie down for a nap. I know you will be confused upon waking. Your name is Marie, although I feel you will remember being called Jo, a nickname your family gave you. This is your bedroom you have shared with me for sixty years. I am Oron. We met when we were young and got married right after the war. We have three daughters, Sharon, Susie, and Debby. They are grown women not the little girls you search for.

Your husband, Oron

Now how silly to leave me a note just because I needed a nap, I know who I am, silly man. How could I forget my three girls? He must be teasing me.

Slowly the door opens as she gets up from the bed. A head full of white hair peeks around the corner and speaks, “I thought it was about time for you to get up. Did you sleep well?”

She sets back down on the bed and with eyes that are blank she asks, “Who are you?”


This is a story prompted by my mother who had Alzheimer's. When we first realized she had the disease her memory would come and go. One time my father called me and he was so excited.

He said, "She's back! Mama is back! I will hand her the phone so she can talk to you."

Mama told me, "I don't know what he is being so silly about. Of course I know who he is."

Sadly it didn't last. Alzheimer's robbed her memory and she sank back into its loss.


  1. So sad, Susie. You write the story wonderfully, but it's hard when this happens to those we love. I watched a movie (true story) last night about a man who had no memory of his previous life after a car accident. It was painful to watch. Life is unfair sometimes, it seems.


    1. Thank you so much Charles. Yes, life can be so unfair. We must cling to every blessing that comes our way.

  2. Susie, this gave me goosebumps at the end. Love that you used your mother for this, so sweet and touching. Thank you for sharing this, esp the narrative at the end with us. xox HUGS so tight!!! ♥

    1. Thank you Kellie for your kind words and hug.