Dec 9, 2011

Wine and Love V36

*My husband has put in thirty years working for a company that ignored his service. As an afterthought he was given a piece of paper in a cheap frame and a pocket knife with dollar store quality. He was totally ignored by management who normally has lunch catered and an intercom announcement about a service anniversary. 
*I am not finished with Christmas shopping. I have been doing some shopping online, but my husband's gifts have been a challenge. 
*Spots on clothes. It seems no matter what I do I miss one on my husband's shirts. It is so frustrating!
*Thinking about my dad. He died in January and this is the first Christmas without him. 

*My youngest daughter was home to visit for two weeks in a row. That is such a rarity because we live in Texas and she lives in Oklahoma. Her second visit she brought a friend whom we adore. 
*I have been writing love letters. It is called the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. It has been such a blessing.
*I listened to cassettes of my girls when they were young. It was so cute. I just need to figure out how to put them on CD's. 
*I got my Christmas cards addressed. Now I just need to drop them in the mail.
*I got all the Christmas gifts wrapped and under the tree. It didn't take long since I put them in bags. 
*My leg is doing well after the procedure on it. I am back to walking on my treadmill. As much as I complain about it, it sure feels nice to be able to use it..

Hey, I have more loves than wines! That is a great thing!!
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  1. how wonderful to have more love than wines! :) Glad you leg is feeling better.