Dec 3, 2011

Christmas Porridge With Attitude

I was asked how this time of year makes me feel. Am I an Ebenezer Scrooge with an attitude of "bah humbug" or filled with holiday cheer? Is there magic in Christmas or is it blue? I think if I were perfectly honest   I would say I am a mixture of all of it. Just call it a Christmas porridge with lumpy attitude.

I love giving gifts, but hate the crowds. There is something so annoying about listening to Christmas Carols accented with a cash register tallying up purchases. I think I will do my shopping online. That way I don't have to associate Christmas music with the use of my debit card.

My husband, Charlie,  asked me what I wanted for Christmas. That shouldn't be a chore, yet I can't come up with an answer. I just want to say surprise me. Doesn't sound too thoughtful does it? He would have to shop without a hint. It sounds a little like Ebeneezer.

I have lots of ideas for shopping for Charlie and I have started shopping for him. I need to tell him to not check the front porch for packages that have been delivered. All I need is for him to pick up a box with a logo stamped across it that would give away what is inside.

This is my first Christmas as an orphan. Both of my parents are deceased. It is a difficult adjustment for me. I always enjoyed buying them gifts. I would pack the gifts in a box to be mailed and loved the idea they would have no clue as to what would be inside when the package was delivered to their door. There won't be a Christmas card or a phone call on Christmas day to one of my parents. This is the "blue" in my season.

Ok...There is joy in my Christmas porridge. I will have both of my girls home for Christmas. I have one daughter's gifts purchased and know what I will purchase for the other one. There will be laughing and singing and perhaps a tad overeating. We open gifts on Christmas eve and Santa comes on Christmas morning. You read it correctly. Santa still comes on Christmas morning. One is never too old for Santa. There will be those surprise unwrapped gifts under the tree.

I also will be writing love notes for Christmas. I have been involved with The World Needs More Love Letters campaign and I will be writing a love letter a day for the twelve days of Christmas. That is definitely the sugar in my Christmas porridge. It rattles the Scrooge in me to retreat. There is so much joy that fills me to know someone will receive a written love letter for Christmas.

Yes, I am having Christmas porridge with a lumpy attitude. There is just so much going on inside of me. I wish I could say I was that twinkling star spreading joy at all times, but isn't the yule season a time of miracles? Ebenezer Scrooge had a total change of heart. Listen and you may hear the blogworld ringing with mine.

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  1. You sound very normal to me, Susie. The thing I noticed about your porridge, is it's main ingredients are family. With your loved ones the main ingredients, the rest is just sugar and spice!

  2. I love shopping, but hate the crowds TOO! lol! doesn't help much that I am in a small town and the main shopping center is one Wal-Mart! I agree with Charles, family does make all the difference in a good recipe for the holiday's. Thanks for sharing this on FB and for writing for me again for FWF! Big Hugs & Happy Holiday's!