Dec 16, 2011

A New year...Dare I Make Resolutions?

Ok, it is that time of year when there is thought of making resolutions for the new year. It seems like a whole list of things for me to fail. That has  been my previous track record. Perhaps I should begin with a resolution stating I will not fail to keep the following resolutions.

I have the usual ones...lose weight, eat healthy and exercise. I should just have that tattooed on my arm right where I can see it as I lift it to eat the wrong thing. No, I would probably just start wearing long sleeves to avoid seeing it. I do walk on my treadmill so I could resolve to walk on it longer and more often. It is a walk to nowhere but it is good for my diabetes and my heart. Goodness I am sensing failure before I ever begin. Enough of this negative! Let's start over.

1. I want to publish my first book of poems. It is a dream for me to hold in my hand a book of my work. I imagine I will self publish and I have begun looking into different avenues to get that done.
2. I want to try my hand at writing short stories. I started one on this blog and titled it Escape. I plan early next year to complete it.
3. I want to write new forms of poetry that I have not attempted thus far, expand my writings to include rhyme. I have written very few rhyming poems. 
4. I want to go through my home and do a thorough search to look at all the "junk" I have collected and eliminate as much of it as I can.
5. I want to get over things...things that have hurt me and I simply must move forward and let them go.

I think I shall stop at 5. I could go on and on, but the purpose of a resolution is to enter it with the intent of accomplishment. The first three have to do with writing which has become my passion. It is very important to me that I follow through on them. The forth is a necessity. My closets are full of things that have no sentimental value. They are just there. Number 5 is important to my state of mind. I have been grieving over things I can do nothing about. I must accept it, let go and move on. The new year must be the year I don't let myself down.

Free Write Friday Prompt: What's your new year resolution?


  1. Great list Susie. Wish 4 was as easy as 5 even though theyre essentially the same thing ;)

  2. Number 5 is the best one, but they are all excting and wonderful goals! I wish you the best this coming year, Susie!

  3. Man Susie! your list sounds way too much like mine! losing weight, cleaning house and attempts at new forms of poetry as well...all things I'd like to do! Good luck with things on your end and keep us posted! :) Thanks a bunch for sharing this with FWF! :) Hugs!!!

  4. Thanks Kellie...maybe we can encourage one another on our resolutions

  5. Writing and getting over things...those are great resolutions, because WRITING can help you GET OVER THINGS!