Dec 5, 2011

Dear Nickie-more love letters-Day 1

Today is the first day of The World Needs More Love Letters campaign: 12 days of writing love letters to 12 people who need extra encouragement and love this holiday season. The campaign runs December 5-17. I have committed to writing a love letter to each of the 12 individuals.

Today's love letter goes to Nickie. She is a college student who recently lost her best friend in a vehicle accident.  A close friend of Nickie requested the love letters for her. She wrote that Nickie has been strong for her best friend's family, especially for the younger sister who witnessed the accident.

Nickie is so blessed to have a friend who cares so much for her that she wants to do all she can to help her through the holidays. I have experienced so much loss this year myself that my heart hurts for Nickie. Words of love are so powerful and can lift the spirits of those whose hearts are hurting.

I would encourage you to get involved with More Love Letters. I have found it has done so much to lift my own spirits. It only takes a few moments to pen a note. You can get involved with all 12 or just one. Let your heart guide you.

Each day I will let you in on my letter journey. Perhaps my words may be for another, but exactly what you need.

Peace and Love

Here is the link 

More Love Letters