Dec 9, 2011

FWF; Take A Good Long Look At Yourself

Well, I hate looking at myself n the mirror, but here goes. Today my hair is styled and I have on make up; that makes it a little easier. The first thing I see are my glasses. They are a nice style and flattering, and they do wonders to hide some of my aging. Damn! I used the "a" word. That is one of the things that has me picking apart my looks. My once flawless skin has age spots and wrinkles. It is said they add character. Excuse me, those valleys in my flesh just speak "old" to me.

I think one of my best assets is my smile. It wasn't always the case. I won't go into all the details, but because of a horrible car accident I was able to purchase the smile I have now. Money didn't buy my sense of humor or my joy though. That is all me. There are times my face transforms into something more like a green faced wicked witch, but thankfully the moments don't last.

My eyes are blue, no green, wait there is a touch of gold. They change colors depending on what I am wearing. With my black sweater they are blue and when I take it off my green shirt turns them green. I am a visual chameleon. Hmmm...I like that. They are average in size with a blessing of long eyelashes. Much better to wear mascara my dear...ooops I went dark for a moment.

So far I have just looked at my face. I hate stepping back for a full length view. My chest and stomach are too large. I am knock kneed and my legs are NOT pretty. There is so much cottage cheese in my thighs and my skin is so pale every vein is prominent. I am so thankful for jeans, slacks and long dresses. I can hide in them!

Well, I think that is enough looking in the mirror. I want to return to Fantasy Island where an air brushed me resides. No, not really. I am happy for the most part to be me. If I dwell too long on my negatives I will stay negative. I will just continue my usual routine of not dwelling on my flaws and apply my make-up in Braille.

Thanks Kellie for yourFree Write Friday prompt to take a long look in the mirror.


  1. Susie, I think we all tend to dwell on the negatives. Whoever can look in the mirror and be completely satisfied with what they see, well...I want to meet that person. You said so much that sounds like myself. We are both just flawed women, human, real...and that is beautiful! I love your honesty, I actually did not expect anyone to reply to the prompt as it is a hard one, but so far so good! Thanks again!!! Hugs!!!

  2. There was a joke on Saturday Night Live that they had programmed a robot to recognize its own reflection but it wouldn't be fully human until it learns to hate what it sees.

    But really, I think we need to focus less on society's ideal image for a woman and realize that real women are beautiful and they don't have to be thin little Barbie dolls.

  3. I give you credit for being so honest here. Kellie is correct, this is not an easy prompt. I like it, nice job!!!!

  4. Yep. I wouldn't dare "treat" you to that kind of look at this old dude! Scary stuff is what it would be! But, like you, I'm okay with me. God did, so I like it!
    I'll just bet you are too hard on yourself, Susie. I'm thinking you are probably one fine lookin gal!
    Here's my offering for FWF:

  5. I like what you did with yourself.