Dec 9, 2011

Escape (A story yet to be finished)

Mary raced away from the candle glow winking from the kitchen window, pushing her little sister through the gate leading to the moors. Breathless she whispered, “He must not catch us Isabelle. If he discovers I stole his gold watch to buy food, we will be sitting in a cell in Newgate Prison. Oh damn mother for dying and leaving us alone with our bitter stepfather! Our stomachs growl, while he pushes coins across the bar at St. Johns Inn to buy ale.
We must cross the moors before daylight. The woods on Sir Stewarts land will shield us for a while. Stepfather has been too lazy to hunt so thankfully he has no hounds to set upon us. I pray he is drunk enough to sleep well past the sun’s rising.”

Grabbing Isabelle’s hand she commanded, “Watch where you walk! The bogs are hidden in the dark. Their slimy hands wait to grab our feet and swallow us. I can’t be pulling you from the mud. We only have this one chance to get away!”

 Isabelle stared into the dark and whimpered, “Mary I am so afraid. There is no moon and it seems the night is getting blacker. Are there ghosts here? Mama told me she used to hear voices coming from the heather.”

Frustrated Mary hissed at her sister, “Stop it! You know when father died mama was not the same. Her mind could never recover from losing him. How else do you explain her marrying Jim? He only wanted the house to stumble back to when he was drunk. Mother’s bed was softer than the cobblestones he crumbled upon each night. For God’s sake she saw father’s face in the cracked mirror hanging next to the front door!  She would stand there for hours talking to him.”

Urging Isabelle to start moving again, Mary held the lantern high to search through the night for a path that would lead them closer to the woods. Its light appeared as a lone firefly fluttering through the dark. A tiny beacon that was guiding them away from the hell that lay behind them.

©Susie Clevenger 2011
Photo Prompt: Departures
Real Toads


  1. I like this, Susie... can't wait to read what's next!

  2. I will try and finish this ladies. It is a challenge I have never attempted.

  3. Ooh, I have to know if they succeed, Susie.

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
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  4. I love what you have done with the picture prompt! The section about the mother talking to the mirror was a standout, and the whole thing makes me want to know how they fare afterwards.

    Thanks for participating!

  5. very chilling, Susie. Has some great potential - I am with the others - more please!

  6. riveting start.waiting for the rest.there's a very wuthering heights kinda feel to it.

  7. nice...really cool...dont know if i have ever read your prose, so this was a treet...i would def say gimme more...

  8. a great potential.. you had me from the start...i hope you continue writing this ~

  9. A nice read! Keep it going, please. I love the story world of the moors!