Dec 12, 2011

Dear Julia-More Love Letters-Day 8

This is day 8 of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing and today's letter goes to a 7 year-old girl named Julia. She has been battling cancer  for most of her life. Even with the trials before her, she keeps a high spirit and is a bright star in the lives of so many who know her. She adores Harry Potter, reading and nail polish.. She loves fish tacos, pomegranates, playing dress up and the color pink.

When writing Julia a letter I decided to not even refer to her disease. She has had to live under its cloud for most of her life and I wanted her to have something that made no reference to being sick. This was an especially tough one to write. It hurts so much to see a child suffer. I just read about a 4th grade class in Clinton Louisiana on the More Love Letters web page that wrote letters to Julia. Their precious work brought tears to my eyes. 

Here is my letter to Julia:

Hi Julia,
I hear you are a very special girl. Your mom and dad must be very proud of you.

I love Harry Potter too. I have seen every movie, but I need to finish reading all the books. When I was a little girl I loved The Wizard of Oz. There is a little girl named Dorothy, a lion that can talk, flying monkeys, and a green witch. There are lots of characters who live in Oz. It is one of my favorite stories.

My girls are all grown up, but we love to see who has the prettiest color of nail polish. Purple is my favorite color. I haven’t painted my fingernails purple yet. Maybe I should!

My daughter Carrie works at the ballet. She gets to see the dancers in pretty costumes all the time. They have a huge room of dress up clothes and pretty pink ballet shoes.

I hope when you get this letter it will be a day filled with friends and fun! Sending you lots of smiles.

Your Friend
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