Dec 9, 2011

Dear Josie-More Love Letters-Day 5

How can this be? It is day 5 of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. The days are flying and I find I look forward each morning to open my e-mail to see who needs some love and encouragement for the day. Today it is Josie. She is Hannah's (whom I wrote to yesterday) 13 year-old sister. She is having a hard time sorting out her feelings about her parents' divorce. The person who requested letters for her writes, "She is an incredible bright girl, and we fear her dreams of becoming a writer are being lost in the turmoil of emotions and events she is experiencing."

Before I share my letter to Josie I want to encourage others to write to her. The teenage years are tough ones. We who  have survived them know how hard they can be. Take a few moments to share some love and hope

Here is my love letter to Josie. Just click on it and it will enlarge so it can be read.
This is the link to the 12 days of Love Letter Writing. Go on---click on it and get involved.
More Love Letters
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The link to the ongoing The World Needs More Love Letters Campaign
More Love Letters

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