Dec 11, 2011

Dear Erika-More Love Letters-Day 7

Well, I have crossed the half way mark on my 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. These precious people I have been writing to have made my heart grow larger. Encouraging them has encouraged me. I sit in my love letter nook penning love letters to people I don't know, but I sit at my father's desk. It is one he built and I was blessed to bring it to my home. He died in January of this year. Grief has come in waves. Many times I feared I would drown in it. Yet when I sit down to write the letters of love, I feel it easing my pain. I know my dad would be smiling if he knew...perhaps he does.

Today my letter is for Erika. She is a 29-year-old woman who spent six months on a mission trip ministering to women who were being sex trafficked. She is a leader in her church, and she is a veteran. She is kind, smart, and married to a man who adores her.

Erika is currently applying to law school and has been down on herself, thinking she won't get in. Erika's sister wrote, "She could really use some encouragement so that her feelings about herself could match how I feel about her."

Here is my letter:

Dear Erika

After reading all you have accomplished in your 29 years I am amazed! You have ministered to women caught up in sex trafficking. You are a leader in your church, and you are a veteran. Your character shows strength, ability, and compassion.

Applying to law school may seem like a mountain you can’t climb, but I am confident you can! Look at all you have already done. Many would like to have just  ONE of the things you have achieved on their resume!

Erika, I am raising my pom poms high to cheer you on. You have already shown you believe in yourself.
Don’t stop now! Just throw your shoulders back and envision those law school doors opening wide!

Your Cheerleader
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  1. Hello! Thank you so much for writing to my sister, Erika. I cannot wait until she gets her are really making a difference.

    Best, Erin

  2. You are welcome Erin...I am sending my love and faith to Erika