Dec 7, 2011

Dear Elizabeth-More Love Letters-Day 3

Today is the third day of The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing campaign for The World Needs More Love letters. I can truly say being involved in this has blessed me in so many ways and is helping me heal from the pain in my own life of this difficult year.

Elizabeth is the young lady who needs encouragement today. She is twenty years old and has been married for two years. Without warning her husband made the decision to leave her.

Her close friend wrote, "Elizabeth was strong for a long while but has been shutting out all those who have been supporting her, loving her and trying to point her in the direction of God. Elizabeth is a highly creative individual who is multifaceted and full of potential. She has been through the ringer and is resisting her true callings."

This love letter will be a bit different. Instead of a giant bundle of love letters., Elizabeth's friend plans to leave a love letter for her each day. She wants to leave them on her car, at work, send them to her house etc. "My prayer is that this bundle will change her life and bring healing from this situation."

This is my letter to Elizabeth. I included a quote that I feel anyone can use when going through a difficult situation. "The walls we build around us to keep out the sadness also keep out the joy." Jim Rohn

Just click on the letter and it will enlarge it so it can be read.

I would encourage anyone who knows the power of love to get involved with The 12 Days of Love Letter Writing campaign. You can sign up for all 12 days or just 1. Below is the link that tells you how to get involved.
More Love Letters
Also The World Needs More Love Letters is not only a holiday project. It is an ongoing mission to spread love to as many people as there are pens willing to write. I have included the link where you can learn more about More Love Letters.

More Love Letters

Happy Love Letter Writing!
Peace & Love,

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