Dec 14, 2011

Dear Denise-More Love Letters-Day 10

Day 10 has arrived in the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. It seems each letter gets tougher. I wonder if I will find words, but somehow they came to me.

Today's letter is to Denise, a woman who has been fighting long spells of depression. Her daughter writes:
When I was younger my mom was there to hold my hand every time I got a shot. She was the face on the sidelines of all my games cheering me on as I dribbled the soccer ball to the goal. As I grew up, she was my source of guidance in choosing colleges and the voice of reason when I wanted to break down and quit. Without having to look back, I knew she was always right behind me should I trip and would be there to pick me up and push me forward. I have leveled on my own two feet due to her guidance and love and now she has come to me for help. 

Recently my mom divorced from her second husband and lost her job. She lives across the country in California with no family by her side and she has lost her way to a long bout of depression.

I heard of this idea that a love letter could be sent to her and I thought this would be something that would really show her that despite the darkness she sees there is so much love in the world and if she reaches out there are many hands willing to help. I want her to smile again, not the superficial smile to show people that she is trying to get a long, but the one deep from within where she truly feels warm and content. I just want my mom to be happy and I believe this is something that can bring some hope to her situation.

This is my letter to Denise
Dear Denise,

I am so sorry life has been difficult for you. It has not been easy and you feel lost in it. I want to encourage you and let you know you are not alone.

I know you have been and are a fantastic mother. You have been there to support, cheer, and dry tears.
Never has there been a circumstance that you were not there to give guidance. It is the beauty and strength of who you are.

There are moments in our lives that hit so hard and try to take us under, but those are the times when family and friends are our life preservers. They enter the dark tunnel circumstances have pulled us into and shine the light of love to walk through it with us. Open the door to your heart and spirit and let them in to help. There is such love for you from those you know and those you have never met.  You are surrounded by angels who will lift you until your wings are healed to fly again.

I want you to know that I care. My heart goes out to you and I speak strength to help you through this tough time. You will get through this. It is a storm that will end. There is a rainbow with your name on it waiting when the dark clouds pass.

Peace and Love,
A Friend

"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love."~Hubert H. Humphrey
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