Dec 13, 2011

Dear Anthony-More Love Letters-Day 9

I have reached day 9 of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. This request is a tough one. It is for Anthony who recently lost the love of his life and high school sweetheart to a 10-year battle with cancer. The two were each other's first love and Anthony held her hand until the end. Anthony's niece requested this letter for her uncle, writing, "She was his best friend and soul mate. They had no children, just each other. The holidays will be really hard for him this year so I think he would benefit greatly from these love letters.

I sat for a long time wondering what to say to Anthony. Words are so inadequate in the face of such loss. All I could do was write from my heart. I debated even showing this letter, but perhaps someone else will come across it and my inadequate words may be the ones they need to read.

Dear Anthony,
I cannot say I know how you feel. I have not lost a spouse, but I do understand losing someone you love dearly.

I lost my father this year. Each day he comes to my mind. In the backyard is a wind chime he made. The slightest breeze will have it playing music. After I first hung it every time I heard it I would cry. Now when it plays fond memories come to mind. There are instances when I am working in the yard I will hear it tinkling in what seems to be only still air. It brings a smile because I can hear my dad critiquing what I am doing, “No, do it this way.  It will be more efficient.” I can’t say I never cry now, but the times are fewer.

Your lovely wife fought a 10-year battle with cancer. She knew pain and she knew how to be strong. Even now at your weakest moments she is in your heart telling you, “Not only do you have your own strength you have mine to see you through each day.”

Grief has no formula. It is a personal journey. There will be tough days, but there will be those days that bring a smile. Out of the blue you will recall something that just won’t stop at a smile. It will have you holding your sides and laughing. Anthony, it is alright to smile. It is a gift and expression of healing.

You don’t know me. All you know of me are these words written in ink. Please know I will remember you. I have written your name in my journal. I will speak encouragement each time I think of you. Love has no barriers. It can start in one tiny speck on a map and travel as far as it is needed.

Take care Anthony, open your heart to those who love and care about you. With all the memories you have of your wife new ones will come to be planted in that already fertile soil.

With Love,
A Friend
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