Dec 15, 2011

Dear Alenka-more love letters-Day 11

I have reached day 11 in my journey of the 12 Days of Love Letter Writing. I wasn't sure when I began what it would mean to me. I have been so moved and have shed tears over the people I have come to know through their stories. This will be a Christmas I will never forget and a journey that has changed me. I have one more day in this particular journey with a new precious person to meet.

Today's letter is for Alenka.

 Last year, Alenka was diagnosed with cancer. After five intense months of chemo, her cancer went into remission, only to come back three months later. Her doctors have told her that all there is left to give her is time. 

Her daughter wrote, “She’s in a very dark place sometimes... hopeful that something can be done and willing to fight but also scared that time with her loved ones is coming to an end.” Alenka’s daughter believes that love letters offering hope and encouragement would do wonders for her mother. 

 I really struggled with this one. I wasn't sure what to say. How to say it. Finally I just let my heart speak. After all this is what writing a love letter is all about.

Dear Alenka,

I stumble as to what I should say. You have been through so much. We are merely human, but within us is extraordinary strength, will, and hope.  Let those who love you be your strength. You have family and friends that surround you and now a community of friends who are gathering pen and paper to show their love and support.

Lyrics from Bill Wither’s song Lean on Me say, “Lean on me when you're not strong and I'll be your friend..I'll help you carry on." I know you are tired and tomorrow is uncertain. You have so many who are there for you to lean on and those you don't know who are reaching out for you to lean on. Love is a powerful force.

Alenka, you are not merely a name that was sent to me. You have a place in my heart. Each day I will speak words of hope and encouragement for you. I send you love.

Peace and Love,
A Friend
There is one more person who could use your love and support.

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  1. What an amazing project! I would struggle for words to say to Alenka too... I think you did really well. Lots of love TO YOU Susie. :-)

  2. So inspired by you doing this letter challenge, Susie!...and I love the new look! ♥