Nov 18, 2011

Wine and Love V35

Linking with Walking With Nora for the wine and love of my week
Walking With Nora

Wine List

* My computer crashed. It is at Best Buy getting fixed. Thank goodness I had online back-up. I would need a whole lot of wine if I didn't have it!
* I had to make two trips to get ink for my printer. I thought I bought the right ink the first trip only to get home and find I had purchased the wrong one..
* My desk is cluttered again. I can't seem to keep it straight. I have a notepad to write things in, but I grab any piece of paper and then promptly lose it.
* I haven't been managing my blood sugar well enough and have had some problems this week. I hate being diabetic!!

Love List

* My oldest daughter's much need divorce was final this week. I suppose that is an odd thing to put on my love list, but it was necessary. 
* I got all the pine needles raked up in my front yard. 
* Exercised almost every day this week!
* I heard an amazing song by Mark K Blige The Living Proof. I am sharing it here.


  1. My sister went through a really bad divorce. It does tend to feel better when these things are finalized and over with. Your loved ones can finally move on that way.

    BUT also, I've grown fond of Mary J. Blige. I didn't quite get her when I was younger though.

  2. Sharing needs to two things.. a big heart and that too filled with love.. you have both.. God bless..

    visit for some odd thought on Susie..

  3. Take the first item out of Wine List and it could have been written by me.

    I found the post fascinating!