Nov 5, 2011

Wine and Love v33


My wine list:

* My oldest daughter, Dawn, got a divorce Tuesday. Ending a marriage is tough. It was a long time coming, but when the actual day came it just seemed it happened so fast.
* I was so disorganized this week. My desk needs work. I have piles of things sitting on it. To top it off Charlie was standing there putting my mess into an organized pile. There was a method to my madness. Not really, my desk was the landing place for whatever item I had in my hand when I came into the office.
* Fighting spots on Charlie's shirts. He swears they weren't on the shirts when I put them in the washing machine. I suppose there is a grease gremlin waiting inside the machine to spot his shirts. 

My love list:

* Halloween was so much fun. We had 300 kids. Yes, I said 300. It was non stop goblins dropping by for candy. There were so many cute ones. We ran out of candy before we ran out of kids.
* Dawn got a divorce this week. I know I already "wined" about it, but there was an up side also. She is now free to put the past behind her and embark on the life she wants.
* My youngest, Carrie, had her 34th birthday this week. She lives in Oklahoma and we live in Texas so we didn't get to be with her. We sent her flowers and her friends cooked dinner, sang to her, and gave her gifts. It was a great day for her!
* I got a new chair to sit at my love letter desk. Charlie found it. It works perfectly in the small space my desk occupies. 
* I downloaded Kelly Clarkson's new CD. I love it. The album title is Stronger. It is all about getting over and moving on. 
* Well my love list is longer than my wine list....Now that is how a week should end! :)

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